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Team Invisible

Mad Scientist's Musings and Seer's Scryings

Tracey Loves Castiel
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I am Twitter as Tarot1.

I am also on Facebook here.

I do have a secondary Journal for my RP stuff at tarotsolitaire so if you're one of my RP pals, the stuff you're likely looking for is over there though you are more than welcome to friend and read this journal too.

Custom mood theme for Live Journal: Christopher Eccleston- by seekingwords

Please be advised that quite a few of the entries in this journal are adult in nature and are marked accordingly.

Initially, this all started with nine_love. I was looking for the Ninth Doctor and Chris on the internet: pics, stories, films, anything, and everything. I found nine_love in August 2006. I got tired of lurking, in October 2006, and decided I wanted to converse with the nice folks there as well as post. Now, I am a member of several communities on LJ, including eccleston_fans, claude_nine, heroes_claude, eccleston_love and ecclescult just to name a few...

As for myself, I read Tarot cards among other unusual talents. I have weird dreams (no joke) and I'm an 11-7 shift RN on a long term/hospice floor (kinda like one of the Heroes). It has it's moments but some nights I feel like I'm in a rut like a certain London shop girl was...

I've been a Whovian since I was 4 &1/2 and I've seen all of the Doctors. The Ninth Doctor is one of my favorites, though I've been keen on the lat 4 recent ones as well. The first Doctor I ever saw was the Fourth Doctor and I was fortunate enough to meet Tom Baker when I was 12. Also met Colin Baker at the time as well. I was a fan of Heroes since the pilot and I absolutely adore Claude (Peter and Hiro are my favorites after him).

I started watching Supernatural back in 2008 in reruns. While I do love Sam and Dean, Castiel is my absolute favorite and owns my heart and soul.

Yes I'm a shameless fan girl so...like this is a bad thing? It keeps me happy and it keeps me going. Someone once wrote "Shoot for the stars; you may not reach your goal but you'll go further than if you never reached at all."

As for me physically, I'm big (size 3-4X), attitude wise, I'm bad (mischevious not evil), and I'm from Wolfeboro... 'nuff said as to why the screen name. This is me:
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rpgwho is where I RPG as tracethenurse and yes, before you ask, she is based on me. You might wonder why. Well, I've always wanted to be a companion (even more so once I started watching 9) and I was taking the advice of one Samuel Clemens "Write about what you know."

Fair warning,while some of this journal is G rated, a good bit of it isn't. Posts are marked accordingly and nearly everything is behind LJ cuts.

This is what I do when I'm bored; graphics work...


(Yet more lovely caps from Heroes GN 109 Sum Quod Sum. Artist Jason Badower, colors by Annette Kwok, seriously go read it. Oliver Grigsby did the script writing on that one and 108.)

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Heroes Blog Crew ~ Claude! ♥

This was made by prettyannamoon. Just too cute not to put in here:

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I make icons and I earned this banner by oddlyfamiliar over on i_character:


I also write fic but I don’t publish a lot of it though I do read a lot of it mostly on AO3. I am on there and Tumblr as TeamInvisible .