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Who is messing with my international mail?

I don't know why, but for some reason since mid January anything coming to me from the UK that arrives via US Mail is taking longer and longer to arrive.  The first item was delayed by 10 days after the latest delivery date.  It was due January 16th and showed up on the 26th.  The next was due by January 30th and it showed up February 17th.  The third on was mailed out January 27th and it showed up yesterday, February 28th.  Once or twice, I'd chalk up to "accidents happen," but 3 times, with longer and longer intervals is highly suspect.  It's not the local service either.  Anything I send out arrives at its destination in about 5 days, and items arrive here in the same time frame if not faster, even from the west coast.  Also, if items are shipped from the UK via UPS or Fed EX, they get here in about a week.  I wish I knew who to write to and complain.  And I'd like to know what exactly the person who is holding my mail like this is hoping to accomplish.
ETA: Update July 2012.  Just had an order from Spain arrive promptly at the end of June which was carried by both Spanish post and US Mail.  No problems at all.  Then I got an email from Royal Mail enquiring about one of the delivery cock ups, specifically and item I'd had trouble getting from Amazon UK.  Why they waited until now to enquire is beyond me.  That was the item due January 16.




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Mar. 4th, 2012 07:47 am (UTC)
That sucks. I've been lucky in that regard. A few years ago Royal Mail lost a DVD I'd ordered, but fortunately the vendor replaced it and that made it to me.
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