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He so should have gotten this...

A Time Lord on the cover of Time, how appropo I know. Tell me I'm not the only one who thinks of these things. I so think it bites how much of a raw deal Nine (and also One thru Eight & Ten) seem to get. No matter which Doctor we are dealing with, he seems to get a raw deal a lot of the time. I thought that just once I'd tip the scales the other way. Nine is on the cover because he's my favorite...*sighs* I so wish we could have kept him...even just a bit longer. If you wanna know where I got the sources: Paintshop Pro 9, aol article 12/17/06, and this URL:

And here's a larger pic, now that I found a bigger original (click to see diference):

Tags: doctor who, nine, ninth doctor, the doctor, time

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