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Venting (rant ahead)

To my regular readers and friends, I preface this with the statement that NONE of this is directed at you.  Things went wrong elsewhere on another site and I feel if I don’t vent about it, I’m not gonna be able to let go and move on.  I will not be offended if any of you skip this entry.



According to people on a site that I refuse to name the following applies:  If you defend a fellow fan and a public figure you respect you are a troll or an IWK or a stalker.  If you make a point of avoiding arguments and heated discussions and say so, you are deranged.  If you follow google alerts you are a stalker.  If you have been on a site for close to 4 years and no one notices and they change the commenting format you are a lying newbie.  Even when you can point them to a comment on the old system that’s over 2 years old.


Really people? Really?!?!  I’m done with you.  I’m sick of your bullshit and false claims.  The wallflower that’s been there for years pipes up about something very wrong and gets branded a “gate crasher.”  Yes I joined in the already ongoing flamewar, but when a site that I thought was nice suddenly has one nasty snarky commenter and someone else who suspiciously looks like a troll show up and the 2 started going after a fan I know from elsewhere, I felt duty bound not only to defend my fellow fan but to point out the one I suspected of being a troll.  I still find it strange that someone with nearly the exact same screen name on another site makes the same error as the one I called a troll does.  Whatever.  It’s clear to me none of you can be bothered to read articles or even comments in their entirety and though you may not be trolls or haters (which I doubt particularly that last bit) you DO take things out of context and misquote people and to me that is just as bad.  To me THAT constitutes an attack and abuse  Seriously, stalking a man I’ve never been closer than 800 miles of, give me a goddamn break!  And don’t tell me that I need to get a grip.  It’s painfully clear to me that you people lost your grip on reality some time ago.


So what has changed since a certain actor has broken 6 years of silence?  Nothing much.  Those of us who respected him still do.  Perhaps a bit more.  Those who look for any excuse to hate him still do.  Those who didn’t care about what he had to say, still don’t.  People suck.  They’re never satisfied.  Short of giving names and dates, he wasn’t vague at all about  why he had to do what he did 6 years ago.  And yeah, I know I’m being vague.  Those that need to know what I’m talking about will get it.


It’s one thing when people miss some of what you say to them in person but when it’s in print, right in front of the audience, how is it that they can ignore so much of it?  Selective reading much?


And people wonder why I’m nearly a hermit.  It’s due to crap like this.  Stuff like this just reinforces what Claude said “People suck, friend . . .”   (/rant)


To those of you who read this, I thank you for your patience and time.

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