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Dreams (My subconscious is confusing me)

OK. Here's the deal. First dream, sometime Monday (12/11/06) afternoon (I work 11-7 and therefore sleep during the day):

I'm at this Chinese buffet style restaurant and getting myself some crab rangoon. The Doctor, my Doctor, the Ninth Doctor is there with me and says something about avoiding the craw fish. (See they have them at this buffet I go to for real and they always make me sick so I stopped eating them there) I tell the Doctor thanks for reminding me and that this place doesn't have crawfish so the rangoon should be safe. I think my boyfriend, Todd, was also there but at a different station getting food... Then I woke up.

Second dream late Wednesday (12/13/06) evening (I went to bed late): I'm back at my parents' old house in East Derry. In this dream I live there and I'm still in college. (In reality, my folks sold that house over a year and a half ago, and I graduated college 10 years ago) So I wake up and it's like sometime in May and I have finals and it's 11am and I'm worried I'll be late. Then I realize my finals are later that day. So I go to the kitchen for something to eat and Freddy Kruger is in there. I'm kinda scared but also a bit upset. I grab his knife hand and wrench it and point it so all the blades are now aimed at his head and I tell him to leave or I kill him. He smirks at me and then tells me to look behind me. I glance over my shoulder and there's Samara from the Ring (one) and Two... then I woke up and was like WTF?!?!
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