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Fic: What If

Author: bigbadwolfeboro aka Tarot (me)


Disclaimer:  I don’t own Heroes or any of the characters.


Spoilers:  Season 1 up through part of “Unexpected” and “Company Man” AU


Characters: Claude Rains, Peter Petrelli, mentions of Nathan  and Isaac No pairings



Rating:  PG13 as most kids might not get this.


Summary: What if Claude didn’t leave.?


What If


Peter was furious.  The door to his apartment had just slammed shut, seemingly sealing his fate.  Claude Rains, his mentor and his only hope at controlling his gift had just run out it.  Peter’s pain at losing his mentor had turned to anger at the one who had driven Claude away: Isaac.  To Peter it was all Isaac;’s fault.  Isaac had called the men to the roof who had tried to capture Peter and Claude.  Isaac also now had Simone back.


Isaac owes me some answers.  Who the hell were those guys working for?


Peter was just about to storm off and confront Isaac, and beat the answers out of the painter when his door opened seemingly by itself.



Claude was in a panic.  For seven years the Company had believed he was dead.  Now, even though Peter had gotten them safely away, Claude’s ex partner, Noah Bennet, was now well aware that he had failed to kill the invisible man back on that bridge in 1999.


No tellin’ who else that git told.  Probably told everyone in the Company by now.  Claude mused bitterly.


He was invisible and running down the hall of Peter’s building to the stairway, when he stopped dead in his tracks.


If I run chances are they’ll get Peter.  I know he got us away this last time but he’s got no confidence in himself.


“I can’t do this on my own.”  Peter had said, minutes ago.


Peter has no self confidence and I’ve got too much blood on my hands.


Swallowing his pride, Claude turned round and headed back to Peter’s flat.  He opened the door which Peter hadn’t locked yet.



          Peter saw no one at first then his mentor faded into view.  Peter’s rage at Isaac was interrupted by puzzlement and confusion, and also relief.


          “What—you—?”  Peter spluttered.


          “You’re comin’ with me, poodle,”  Claude said sternly, his tough maner back in place.  “Can’t have the dogcatcher puttin’ you down, can I?”


          “But-“  Peter started to protest, numerous reasons coming to mind.


          “Look, mate, you said it yourself, that we’re finally makin’ some progress.   Exactly ‘ow much progress you think that lot who tried to nick us would let you make, eh?”


          “But what about my family?”


“As I recall, your big brother tried to ‘ave you committed for insanity.  D’you really think this city or any of us would be safe with you in an asylum?  I reckon our friends on the roof would just come and collect from there, once you’ve been sedated and can’t do anythin’.  Mark my words, Peter, that lot are dangerous.  If we hang about, here, they’re likely to catch us.”  Claude paused then added, “They may even try goin’ after your brother or your nephews for leverage.  We are all safer if you and I just leg it.”


Peter sighed, his face sullen.  He hated the thought of leaving his family, his home, and his friends.  Then he smiled softly and sadly with irony.  “You know it’s funny.  The night you and I met, I was going to leave and go to the desert out in Nevada.”


“Don’t need a ticket with me.  We can even fly first class if it’s not crowded,” Claude said, grinning.


“I could just fly us there, myself,” Peter offered, rubbing the back of his head.


“Thanks, but I reckon we oughta save that trick o’ yours for an emergency.  While I’m grateful you got us away from the git in the glasses and his mate, I don’t fancy flyin’ all the way to Nevada that way.  There’s a plane leavin’ in two hours.  I reckon we should be on it.”


Peter thought for a moment.  Claude had and could help him.  Claude also seemed to have a lot of answers that Peter needed.  “OK.  Let’s get going.”  Peter figured that once he had answers and more importantly control, he could, at the very least, get word covertly to Nathan and not only explain things but also warn his brother.  But for now, Peter figured it was best if he disappeared for a while with the invisible man.



Tags: claude rains, creative extrapolation, heroes, peter petrelli

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