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I've been thinking...

Ok. Those of you who have read my most recent profile know I online RPG at rpgwho as tracethenurse. Between rewriting what's basically myself for the "Whoniverse" and a very good question by infiniteviking here:
I've been doing alot of thinking on things.
For starters: exactly how old is the Doctor? I even replied on the subject on that 2nd page.

It also reminded me that I have this file:

That I screen shotted off the computer via the BBC webpage.

The other things I thought about is how my character's profile on the Games Station might have looked provided she was around that long. Here's what I came up with:

Based on that there aren't "Whovians" as such in the "Whoniverse" I hadda go with NCIS for TV show...In reality it's my second fav, with Doctor Who as first choice, of course.
and here is the awesome banner that doctor_nyne aka infiniteviking made for the RPG:

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