Rick Sanchez C154 (bigbadwolfeboro) wrote,
Rick Sanchez C154

Ivory Tower

I am at once both isolated and connected.  While I'm glad I have contact with so many friends via internet, there are times I feel I might as well be in an ivory tower in another dimension.  Seriously, I have friends all over the world but beyond listening, reading, and offering advice when needed, I feel kinda useless.  If folks were closer, I'd most definitely be helping out in other ways.  I'm just glad they stay in touch as they are able.  Even though I'm a bit of an introvert, if I call someone friend I do not do so lightly and I do my best to help but lately I'm feeling rather powerless.  And no, I don't want anyone to cut contact or stop sending me info, I just wish someone could show me a more direct way to help. 

Heck, even in interactive fiction with Heroes ARG
/360/Evolution interactive component, I am stuck on the sidelines as far as aiding any canon characters goes.  Sure I could create someone new, even several someones new to aid as part of the new Survival game but I'm far more interested in helping existing canon ones most especially Claude as well as Micah.
Tags: claude rains, heroes, life, me
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