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GN 141

If you haven't already done so, go here:

I mean it, spoilers ahead!

Just got canonical confirmation that as of the time at which this GN is set Claude is alive. Both he and Lee survived the building collapse. Mind you I don't doubt Claude's fighting prowess but he's the invisible man not the invincible man. Given the odds he was up against, he still fought quite impressively and I don't think any less of him for getting captured. I'm glad to see that both he and Lee survived the building collapsing. Interesting that Claude was again willing to throw himself in harm's way. I hope they show us next issue exactly what the connection between Claude, Abigail and Lee is and why he who was running scared from Peter's apartment is now willing to throw himself into the fight. I don't find it out of character at all as I'm sure there is a reason. Perhaps it is just that Claude now fears for the fate of his people.

I am also very worried about where Monica is and about what Molly saw happening to her. Given Molly's reaction, it can't be good.

I still fear for the fates of Claude, Monica, Molly, Abby, and Lee. Having seen All of season 3 and all the GNs set after this, I know Micah, West, and Sparrow make it out of this mess. And I know that had I been there, in any capacity I'd have done all in my power to help. Yeah I know it's fiction, but had I the ability, or were it real, I wouldn't hesitate to pitch in especially if it meant saving Claude.

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