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Cool Dream on my Birthday

Well my latest dream, that I had this morning, was cool and not a nightmare smile.gif

I was watching either a sneak peak of Heroes season 4 or an episode. Peter Petrelli was walking along this city street that looked like New York. This suited bearded businessman walks by him with a nice briefcase and a cell phone. He looks a little like Claude and Peter has a brief flashback to meeting Claude but then he follows the man a few steps to get a better look and as the camera does a closeup on the businessman the audience can clearly see that this is not the man called Claude Rains. Peter stands for a moment, looking a bit dejected. Then you can hear Claude's theme music start playing and the camera pans around and Claude is standing a little bit behind Peter, wondering why Peter can't see him. Claude proceeds to follow Peter.

I remember thinking, "YAY!! Claude is back and he's ALIVE!!" and then suddenly I'm watching the scene play out again but this time as though I'm there and it's occurring around me though I am unseen and intangible. Then I woke up.

I dunno that it means anything but it was still pretty cool.

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