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Blog on GN 139

Possible spoilers for Heroes.  If you haven't read up through and including GN 139, I suggest you go here and do so now.

The Rebel story arc continues (YAY!) and while we are left wondering as to what happened to Lee and Claude after the last GN (hopefully they are both safe)  this current chapter deals with Micah and his newly formed team with Abigail, West, and Sparrow trying to locate Micah's family.  While Micah infiltrates the computers and security systems of Building 26, the intrepid trio infiltrate Building 26 itself, running into Peter Petrelli and Matt Parkman along the way.  While they free and escape with Great Aunt Nana and Damon, Monica is still MIA.  Micah is narrating the piece and keeps referring to a sacrifice.  Is he referring to Matt and Peter not being in on the rescue and Matt getting caught or did something else go wrong?  The last image we see is the familiar haunting text of "To be continued" captioning what looks like Micah in the cross hairs of a sniper scope, though the weapon could be packing tranquilizer darts as my friend Frank pointed out.  Nice cliffhanger.  I am hoping we will also find out next issue where Monica is being held (nice Super Mario Bros. reference too).  While Building 26 seems to be the main holding facility, I have to wonder where the other facilities might be.  In GN 138, Micah had mentioned operations in Tokyo, Melbourne, and London, but it is unknown if any of these had holding facilities like Building 26.  Given that Hiro was taken stateside, I don't think Tokyo is a likely place for an alternate holding facility

Jason Badower's art and Oliver Grigsby's writing are fantastic to put it mildly.  I sincerely hope they get to team up on more GN's in the future.  While this summer will be an abbreviated run compared to the every week GN's we were used to getting, if the Arc continues to be this good, it is well worth the wait.  I know a couple fans had voiced complaints this issue over Abigail's and Sparrow's wardrobe but I for one like it and if I looked like or even half as good as either of those ladies I'd dress that way too!

I am very much enjoying this Rebel arc and had been interested even before Claude made his all too brief materialization last issue (you can never have too much Claude).  I am hoping to see him again (or at least know he's safe) before this arc concludes. (And Claude is welcome to hide with me any time)  Also, I think I should point out that via the ARG/360/Evolutions interactive I had taken the time to email and text "Micah" about Claude (and ironically also about Abigail and Lee as well)  back when "Micah" gave us back access to the map and asked that we fill him in on specials in danger.

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