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Can anyone explain this to me?

Those of you following any of my blogs are aware that I am a night nurse. If you weren't, you are now. Here's what I don't understand: Why is it that so may people will demand 24 hour nursing care and yet they won't allow the nurses to sleep during the day so that they can adequately give their patients proper care on the "off" shifts. Not everyone works 9-5 but most people need a good 8 hours sleep regardless of when they work. So why is it that so many seem to think that those of us on the "Graveyard" shifts are some kind of vampires or something, that we can just nap for an hour and we're OK to function? Seriously, it bugs me. I myself have never had an easy time falling asleep and as I have gotten older I find not only do I still have a hard time going to sleep but also I really need a minimum of 8 hours uninterrupted sleep, and if that 8 hours or my sleep schedule is severely interfered with I will get migraines, bad migraines. Is it any wonder I get upset when people show up and disturb my rest, especially if it's for non essential nonsense? Where is the logic? Were I being disturbed for emergencies that would be different. I wouldn't be happy about it but I would understand that I was needed somewhere. But that is not what I get bothered for. It's people calling or knocking on my door for nonsense, or to complain about someone else whom I have no control over. I submit these callers should call the person they have the problem with and leave me be. As it is, I have had to take my home phone off the hook when I sleep because of this though I do keep my mobile phone on for emergencies. I also don't get why it is that when I worked 3-11 everyone would try to deliver stuff at 5pm and now they show up at 2pm, or the fact that the rental company where I live would do the lawn mowing/vacuuming etc 1st thing in the morning when I worked 3-11 when I was asleep and now that I work 11-7 they do it mid afternoon/ early evening when I am asleep. Can anyone explain this to me?
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