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Blog on GN 138

The Graphic Novel in question:

It's FANTASTIC!!!! (and it's where my icon was capped from).  The writing is great and the artwork superb. The current story arc has been following Micah as he becomes Rebel and sets up his underground railroad for specials as well as his primary Rebel team. (and , yes I was one of those who signed up for theARG/360/Evolutions interactive as well.) The previous Graphic Novel issues saw Monica captured and the long awaited introduction of Sparrow Redhouse. Sparrow was quickly recruited by Micah as was West Rosen, Claire's former boyfriend. In this issue Micah sends his team to London. There we catch up with Abigail, Lee, and Claude. Danko has apparently sent a team after the trio. While the previous issue that showed these three mostly addressed Claude trying to help Elle get back control of her powers, this issue hints that Claude staying with Abigail and Lee may be far more important than some have surmised, as it appears that Abigail and Claude may well be related, though Claude cuts Abigail off before she can tell Sparrow and West what Claude is to her, and then he asks them to get her to safety while he goes off to free Lee, whom Danko's team have captured. While on screen it was shown that Claude was shot by HRG for protecting a special, it was never spelled out exactly whom he was hiding. I think it likely that it may have been Abigail, and if she is too old to be his daughter (as some fans suppose her to be), then she is at the very least his niece or younger sister. Who else would Claude put himself into harm's way for, if not family? Plus the fact that when Claude is trying to get Bennet (HRG) to see reason, he mentions Claire several times.  That can't be just coincidence.  It was hinted at in Sum Quod Sum that Abigail is engaged to Lee, and she initally doesn't want to leave for fears of what may happen to Lee.   When Claude won't go as well and states that he doesn't want them to get a hold of her as well, she expresses concern for him to which he replies "I'm going to make sure you still have someone to marry."  which is much different from when he left Peter Petrelli's apartment in a hurry back in "Unexpected."    Further to support the fact that Abigail and Claude are related, there is the fact of a similarity between her forcefield power and Claude's invisibility. This similarity in powers has been seen before with siblings like Flint and Meredith and parents and offspring like Maury and Matt. If not for the way Claude reacts to Abigail, particularly in this issue, this similarity could be ruled as merely coincidental as there has not as yet been any link shown between Nathan Petrelli and West Rosen, both of whom can fly.  I am greatly looking forward to the next chapter which is due out 1, June 2009, even if the cliffhanger ending brought to mind the nightmare I had back in February..

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