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Dream 14 May 2009

So, as I slept on the morning of May 14, I dreamed that my ability had evolved and now the sense of taste would trigger visions, but only certain tastes, as well as the fact that sometimes I would taste something to do with the vision I was about to see.  I had this drive to find Peter Petrelli, the one from the future who still had all his powers, so that I could pass the "upgrade" onto him, as he already had my original ability.  I found him, but for some reason, although his proximity EM was still working, I had to take Peter's hand for the "upgrade" to take effect.  I did so and he was surprised at the new change.  Then I had a vision of his past, but from a 3rd person perspective; I was watching Peter training on the roof of the Deveaux building with Claude.  Then I woke up.
Tags: claude rains, dreams, heroes, me, peter petrelli

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