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New fic, post seaon 3

Author: Tarot aka bigbadwolfeboro (me)


Disclaimer: I don’t own Heroes and I don’t make any money off this.  I’m just getting my ideas out.  Basically, I took the idea that given his invisibility that Claude can see things that are invisible to others and ran with it…


Rating: PG 13 language and concepts

Characters: Claude, Nathan Petrelli


Pairings: None

Spoilers:  All of Heroes  through season three’s finale “An Invisible Thread”


Summary:  Nathan finds Claude, set post “An Invisible Thread”

Ghost of a Chance


Claude was invisible and just making a “supply run” when he found himself confronting a familiar figure, that of Nathan Petrelli.  Normally Claude would have sneered invisibly at the politician and walked away, or, if he felt like it, tossed something at him before walking away, but this time none of that was an option as Nathan was looking at Claude; not through him but right at him.


“Oh, shite!”  Claude muttered under his breath.


“Wait!  You can see me?”


“Bloody hell!”  Claude exclaimed, “I thought Peter said you flew!”


“I used to.”


Claude shot an eyebrow up at that and noted the use of the past tense.  “Oh, FANTASTIC!  So what, you’re an empath now, too?”


“No.”  Nathan shook his head sadly and gravely.  He wasn’t sure this was a good idea but other than a scarce handful of psychics of questionable sanity, the gruff sarcastic Brit was the only other person who’d been able to see Nathan since, well since Sylar had seen fit to slice Nathan’s throat open and let him bleed to death.


“Well I don’t give a damn what you are, mate!  Sod off!”  Claude yelled and took a swing at the politician.  Claude’s fist went right through Nathan.  “What the?!?” Claude exclaimed, confused.


“I’m dead.”


“Oh that’s just great!  Just what I need, a dead politician followin’ me about!”


“I need your help.”


“Yeah, funny that.  As I recall, you’re the one what raised the alarm on specials,” Claude retorted bitterly.


“I know.  I tried to fix that.  I died trying to fix that.  Sylar killed me and now he’s taken my place.  He can shape shift, but it’s worse than that.  Thanks to Matt Parkman, Noah Bennet, and my mother, Sylar actually thinks he is me.  It’s only a matter of time before that ruse blows up in their faces.  No telling how much damage Sylar will do.”



“Bennet,” Claude said disgustedly, “Shoulda known he’d be involved.  What the hell you expect me to do, exactly?”


“Find my brother and tell him the truth.  He’ll listen to you, Claude.”


Claude backed away a bit.  “I don’t recall telling you who I was.”


“You didn’t have to.  Pete had mentioned you.”


Claude rolled his eyes. “It figures.  Pup couldn’t do much without your say so.”


“He’s gotten better.”


“I should hope so.  Why can’t you tell him yourself?”


“He can’t do what he used to anymore.  He can only copy one power at a time.  It’s a long story, but that’s what he does now.  So, no, he can’t go invisible right now.  And as a result he can’t see me or know I’m there.”


“So what am I supposed to do?  Pop in for a visit and say ‘Cheerio, Pete.  By the by, you’re brother’s dead and there’s a big conspiracy; Sylar’s been brainwashed and thinks he’s Nathan and Bennet, Parkman, and your mum are in on it?’  I don’t even buy it myself.  And why should I help you?  I’m not a messenger.”  Claude moved to go.



“Wait, please!”  Nathan wasn’t used to begging for anything but there was a lot at stake.  “I don’t expect you to like me or to even trust me,” Nathan began.


“You got that right, mate,” Claude interrupted.

Nathan continued, “But you know a lot, you’ve seen a lot.  You know how bad things will get if this isn’t taken care of soon.  I know I made a lot of mistakes but I am trying to prevent a disaster here.  Please, I’m appealing to you as one of us, help me get to Peter.”


Claude was tempted to keep walking but between the fact that Nathan was right and was appealing to him as a special, Claude found he couldn’t.  “Alright, fine, but after this is over you leave me the hell alone.”




“I suppose you have an idea what to do if Peter thinks I’m just paranoid?”


“Tell him to copy your power.  Then he’ll see me too.”


“We just might have a ghost of a chance at making this work.”  Claude smirked.


Nathan just rolled his eyes.

Tags: claude rains, creative extrapolation, nathan petrelli

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