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I'm in there again.  The whole article can be found here.  Excerpt below:

Tarot starts off this week with the most asked question in the BTE Mailbox this week:

“I have a question regarding the ‘Clothing Rule’ cited in BEHIND THE ECLIPSE Week 21, which is that when a shape shifter, whether it be the late Jim Martin or Sylar, is changing his form, his clothing remains unchanged. Which is why Martin had so many ‘costumes’ and Sylar had to dress up as Sandra before impersonating her. I couldn't help but notice the clothing changing in ‘I am Sylar.’ While I can accept that maybe Micah had a spare set of clothing identical to what he was wearing to loan to Sylar so that Sylar could fake Micah's death, and we don't actually see Sylar changing back into himself on screen after that incident, I can't help but notice when Sylar changed back into himself after being Virginia Gray, Virginia's dress became Sylar's clothing. While I might have been able to rule this out as a hallucination reminiscent of ‘Psycho,’ Micah saw this change occur. Later on, when Sylar is in Nathan's office, disguised as Nathan and wearing one of Nathan's suits, the real Nathan confronts him, and Sylar changes back in front of him and his clothing changes from the suit to Sylar's outfit that he's had on pretty much this whole episode whenever Sylar is in his original form. What happened to the ‘Clothing Rule?’”

The clothing rule was thrown aside by the people involved with episode 24 in preproduction. We wish it were not, but that’s sometimes how it works out.

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