Tracey Loves Castiel (bigbadwolfeboro) wrote,
Tracey Loves Castiel

Dream 10 April

Friday evening I had a really vivid really odd dream. I recall it started with Claude and I in a car with several others. I know Peter and Nathan Petrelli were there as was Claire Bennet but I didn't get a good look at who else was with us. Nathan was driving the car and it was night and we were all trying to get out of Derry, New Hampshire, quietly. We were being hunted and those hunting us were in a white SUV with black tinted windows that made it impossible to see inside the SUV and a white big rig shipping truck. I recall passing several landmarks that are nearby to my apartment. We didn't get too far up the road before the headlights in our car went dead and I recall someone saying we'd been sabotaged. I know Nathan wanted to ditch the car as a car with no headlights would attract the attention of the police who would then attract our pursuers. We back tracked to a side street and left the car in some one's drive way with a note about the headlights and we all got out. Then the SUV and the Big rig showed up and we all scattered into different directions and Claude was with me. Night became early morning and Claude was still running with me. He was holding my right hand as we ran, a strong grip but not one that hurt. I remember worrying that I was going to slow him down and wondering if I should let go. I didn't want to be caught but I also didn't want to cause Claude to be caught. I remember feeling like my lungs were burning and my legs were sore but I pushed on and kept running, trying to run at Claude's speed. Then he tripped and fell and I fell, too, landing next to him. The big rig caught up to us and this woman got out. She had a gun and some odd device. She had the gun pointed at Claude and said that her orders were to shoot him and to take me in. I got in the line of fire so she couldn't get a clean shot. I told her that if Claude was harmed I was going nowhere. Claude said something about the fact that she and those she worked for couldn't be trusted. She moved in close and I got the gun and the device away from her. I kept the gun on her and then took the device and shot her in the leg with it. It was some kind of microchip implanter and she was not happy that I'd chipped her. Then I woke up.

I know it's important but I haven't figured out what it means. There is nothing important up here in Derry and I also don't know why Claude didn't just make us vanish or at least make himself invisible. I didn't see the soldiers in black and I have never seen the woman from the truck anywhere before. I'm also at a loss to explain the woman's orders. What I do know is that things weren't just visual. I can recall how the car smelled, that it was cold, and how Claude's hand felt holding mine, as well as the exertion pain I mentioned.
Tags: arg, claude rains, dreams, heroes, me

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