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Very confusing dreams

The dream started with me looking at an old black and white photo of Claude from the 90's. It was black and white and then I could see it in color. In the picture he had on a light blue dress shirt and a burgundy tie. After the picture went from black and white to color suddenly I was seeing events in the past but it was different than I have seen them before.  It was 1999, on a remote Texas road but not a bridge. There was a curve in the road, a road that went up a mountain with steep sides. There was a rocky hill beyond the guardrail with a steep drop off on either side as well as at the end of the rocks. Bennet's car was pulled over and Claude and he were arguing.  Bennet pulls out a gun but he's got it in his left hand this time and then I realized that I wasn't just watching things but actually there. I rushed Bennet and knocked him down and knocked his gun away into the drop off. I had too much momentum and I wound up going over the guardrail and tumbling over the rocky hill, turning end over end before I landed on my back. I know that I was hurt badly and covered in my blood and injuries but I couldn't feel any pain. I blacked out.

Then I was on a beach alone. It was night and the stars looked wrong. I walked a little bit and saw something strange. There was this replica of Earth and the moon made of sand. The top 33-45% of the Earth was a mess, pitted and scarred. Then I woke up.

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