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I made it in again.  Behind the Eclipse part 18 here.  Relevant bit below:

"Tarot thinks Danko might have a secret of his own: 

“Between the re-airing of ‘Clear and Present Danger’ as well as having just re-watched ‘Cold wars,’ ‘Exposed’ and ‘Shades of Gray,’  I noticed something that is really bugging me that I hope you can clear up.  In ‘Clear and Present Danger,’ Danko recovers very quickly from Tracy trying to freeze him.  Later, near the end of ‘Cold Wars,’ Peter shoots Danko in the arm, but by the middle of ‘Exposed,’ Danko has full use of the arm and is able to shoot Peter using both hands and arms. In ‘Shades of Gray,’ he shows no impairment at all.  While I know he is a trained solider, that doesn't account for the quick recovery for all that.  So what is up with him?” 

If you’re looking for us to say “Claire’s Blood” healed him.  Well then… we’re not gonna say it.  It wasn’t Claire’s blood.  The answer production has given us is that they wanted to play him as a tough soldier – accounting for the recovery from the gun shot.  As far as the freezing – Danko was ready for Tracy’s ability as his suit was lined with asbestos to keep out the cold.  He was Tracy-proof. "

Actually I'd thought he had a quick heal ability of his own...
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