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They used my questions again.  The full article can be found here.  Below are the relevant excerpts: 

Tarot is curious if sometimes a watch is just a watch: 


“In ‘Cold Wars,’ there was a watch exchanged between Angela and HRG.  Is it just symbolic of HRG's temporary retirement or is there something more significant here?”


Gold watch.  Retirement.  It doesn’t shoot lasers or anything like that.  But that’d be cool.  Laser watch.   

“Those pumping units that the Hunter and his operatives use to subdue Specials, are they pumping a gas or a liquid?  I only ask because the tubing seems too short to be nasogastric tubing; I'm a nurse and I have had to deal with those.  Whatever the substance is, I think it must be similar in content to the ‘Haitian pills’ that Peter was made to take back in season 2.”

Liquid.  As derivative of the same drug that they shunted Sylar with in Season 1.  And Peter in Season 2.  

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