Tracey Loves Castiel (bigbadwolfeboro) wrote,
Tracey Loves Castiel

Newest dream symbolic - I have no idea what it means

This morning I had a rather odd occurrence; usually when I have a dream that repeats, it's not in the same night/morning. I've yet to figure out what it means as it has to be symbolic.

I dreamed that there was this compound rather like a five star hotel with everything necessary there but luxuriously so. It was all specials living there and I know I saw Angela Petrelli, Nathan Petrelli, Matt Parkman, Ando Masahashi, as well as Claude Rains and I. Nathan came in wearing a s nice suit but he was disheveled and had stubble as if he hadn't shaved that morning and had spent the whole night out partying and Angela, who was in charge asked him where he'd been the night before. An argument in sued and Matt, Ando, Claude, and I left the area. We wound up in this indoor pool area and someone had let in these baby sharks form another section. I wasn't too keen on them and sensed they might hurt us and said so. Matt sent them back where they belonged. Then I had a vision, symbolic, where Angela was still arguing with Nathan and said that she'd bought back this fellow Adam Monroe and his wife and that she was going to be placing them in charge. Adam  I  know  actually is dead and it's not the type of death that is reversible. He was also glowing in my vision, as not the "happy glow" but the light up a dark area glow. Claude had noticed me going into a trance and I could hear him  tell the others to be quiet and then he began to ask me about what I was seeing. Somehow I knew that what ever Angela was actually up to, all the specials were in danger and needed to leave the compound. Matt somehow got the word out to those who needed warning and the 4 of us left the compound. Claude and I stayed together and we wound up in this bizarre garden with gigantic plants including huge flowers. We found a huge flower that looked like a red rose and his inside the petals. Then I woke up in another dream. Claude was at my apartment and I was telling him about my dream. Then I actually did wake up. I was up about 20 minutes or so and when I fell asleep I had the first dream again.

Tags: claude rains, dreams, heroes, heroes arg, me

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