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Recent dreams (one was bad)

It goes without saying that I've always had weird dreams.  Some make for interesting story fodder for fan fics.  Others have made both  LARPs and RPGs much more interesting.  That said I wish to share some dreams that up til now have just been part or an RP session as they may be relevant in the grand scheme of things even if some of them turn out to just be so in a symbolic sense, much like a couple dreams I had after Heroes season 1 ended.             

The first dream was back in December, 2008.  It was the 29, and I dreamed ... I was in this field somewhere with tall thick wild grass and poor soil. I was wearing this T-shirt and shorts outfit that was this bluish green jersey material. I didn't have any shoes or socks on but I knew that I had to run, find other specials, and find cover, not necessarily in that order. The sky was overcast and near dawn. I found this clump of palm trees, all different heights as well this large plane about to crash pursued by these helicopters nearby to the clump of trees. I could see these black uniformed soldiers armed with guns on the helicopters. I knew I had to find cover as I had no hope of blending in. I found this clump of grass, which was better than nothing though it was poor camouflage. Then a hand touched my left shoulder and I suddenly saw this rather familiar (at least in my dreams) set of brownish boots. I looked up to see Claude's face and he took his left hand and put his finger to his lips. I silently nodded. Claude helped me up and I realized that he hadn't appeared but had caused me to disappear. The plane crashed nearby. And then, as it so often does in dreams, at least in mine, time jumped forwards.

We were in this motel that had huge rooms not unlike decent sized flats with a kitchen and multiple bedrooms. Peter was there as were Claire, Bennet, and a few others. Bennet was irritating Claude- more than usual. So Claude decided to return the favor and annoy him back with help from me. It worked. Then time jumped forwards again.

The whole group was walking along this deserted city street. Claude and I had stopped to talk about what had happened earlier but before either of us could say a lot, the soldiers showed up again and the whole group scattered. The others went off in various directions and Claude and I off in another. We found this steep wall which Claude made it over easily and went invisible. I had trouble getting over it and Claude came back to help me, though I was unable to see him until he touched me. Once I was over the wall we ran hand in hand until I woke up.      

The next dream was more recent than that and it was bad.  I had that one 8, February, 2009...   There were various images and dreams that I couldn't really sort out and then I suddenly found myself in a funeral home. I saw a few characters I know there including Sandra, and Monica, and they were standing in front of chairs that were in rows (usual set up for those places, at least those I've been in). There was a closed white coffin at the "head" of the room. I noticed Claude was not among the group and that bothered me, a lot, even more than the fact that Peter Petrelli and Noah Bennet also being absent. I know the usual procedure for a coffin that is closed is for a picture of the deceased to be placed near it, but there were no pictures anywhere and no flowers either, just the group of mourners. As far as I know, closed caskets are not supposed to be opened. I had a feeling I knew whom I was going to find inside but I had to open it anyway.  I found Claude in there. Why the casket was closed I don't know as I could see nothing wrong - other than Claude being dead- which would have warranted closing the casket. Also Claude was bearded and someone had decided to dress him in a pinstriped dark blue suit with a white dress shirt, a somewhat frilly one, which really didn't suit him. I was too shocked to do much at first other than stare. It's probably some defense mechanism that made me even notice how he was dressed. I also felt the need to do something, to negate what I saw. For some reason the idea of kissing Claude came to mind. Maybe it was a hold over from the old fairytales I read as child or the fact that I knew he wouldn't react well to that if he were in fact still alive, I just know that I didn't (and /still/ don't) want him to be dead. So I leaned over and kissed Claude, hoping somehow he'd be alright even if he got mad at me for doing so, as I'd rather have him alive and angry at me than dead. I noticed that oddly enough he wasn't cold at all. Then I woke up.

I believe this dream is a warning. I have no idea as yet of the specifics of what needs to be avoided to prevent this from happening but I am working on it.  As it is, I do in fact read tarot cards and I've found that lately when I meditate I have rather interesting visions
.  So far what I've seen is that Noah Bennet is involved.  I also saw a flashback to Claude's company days and him and Bennet getting sent to some remote rural coastal fishing seaport town.     If Claude returns there anytime soon he will be in grave danger.

ETA: 16 February 2009- I dreamed that HRG had caught me and I was retrained on a gurney and he was standing over me.

 ETA: 22 February 2009- on 18 February 2009 I dreamed that Peter Matt and some others had this video cassette tape of evidence they were going to show to some government operative who was investigating Nathan Petrelli and what exactly he is doing with Homeland Security.   

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