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Tracey Loves Castiel

Fic: A Space in 1999 and Beyond

Author: Tarot aka bigbadwolfeboro (me)

Disclaimer: I do not own Heroes nor any of the canon characters. This story is based mostly on a dream I had and what I know of the canon characters. I am not making any money off this I’m merely speculating about what they haven’t told us based upon what they have.

Rating: PG 13 language and concepts

Characters: Claude Rains, Arthur Petrelli, Angela Petrelli, Daniel Linderman, Bob Bishop, Maury Parkman, mentions of Kaito Nakamura, Thompson Sr., Noah Bennet aka HRG, Elle Bishop, Peter Petrelli, Abigail, and Lee

Pairings: Abigail/Lee Angela/Arthur but nothing overt, just what we've seen in the Graphic Novels and onscreen

Spoilers: possibly Heroes season one thru three, including Graphic Novels and possibly more depending upon what the canon crew decide to reveal.

Warnings: Mentions of violence but not graphic

Summary: This is my attempt to explain how Claude survived being shot given that the Behind the Eclipse crew won’t tell me and also to trace his movements after that.

                                                       A Space in 1999 and Beyond                                                                                                                     1999
The encounter had been brief but it was all Arthur Petrelli had needed. He’d scanned Claude as they passed each other in the hallways of Primatech Paper in Odessa, Texas. Shortly after that, Arthur had given Thompson Sr. the go-ahead to set a terminate order in motion. After that, Arthur had met with the others.
“Arthur, I still think you’re making a mistake,” Angela began.

“Angela, he won’t follow orders. You know we can’t have that. Rogue specials are dangerous enough outside the Company, let alone one who’s supposed to be working for us.”

“He could ruin everything,” Linderman pointed out.

“We’ve worked too hard on this to let one man threaten it all,” added Bob.

Maury was silent but nodded in agreement.

Kaito had long since left for Japan and the rest of the founders were away for various other reasons.

“It’s done. I already gave Thompson the approval for a terminate order,” said Arthur as he rose to leave the board room. “The intelligence we received was correct: Agent Rains is hiding a lot from us, including harboring a special from the Company. I’m hoping Noah Bennet proves as loyal as he seems to be as Thompson had told me he plans to hand this one off to him. We cannot afford Agents who won’t follow orders.”

Arthur and the others left, but Linderman and Angela stayed behind.

“Angela, why does this bother you so much?”

“Daniel, you haven’t seen my visions…”

“But we can’t control this one.”

“I know and it bothers me how much he knows or has the potential to know. But I’ve seen that he is crucial to our plan. If he’s killed…”

“I suppose I shall have to see that he’s not.”

“Even you can’t reverse death.”

“No, but I can prevent it, my dear. It’s just a matter of timing.”


The bridge was not only an area known to field agents but also to the inner circle of Founders. Arriving there undetected had been easy enough, though seeing the blood and the bridge empty, Linderman worried that he might be too late.

“Claude?” he called out.

“I’m here, Mr. Linderman,” came the weak reply. There was a flicker of movement on the outer edge of the bridge as Claude decloaked. He’d been shot twice and the bullets had gone straight through. He was hurt badly and Linderman was amazed that Claude had managed to not only remain conscious but also stay invisible as wounded as he was. Other than that, Claude was not able to do much else.

Linderman took Claude’s hand, already cold from shock and blood loss, and used his gift to heal him. “This is the last time I can help you. From here on out, you’re on your own.”

Claude looked hurt but nodded in comprehension of what he was being told. Claude would liked to have known who had betrayed him to the point where Arthur had seen it necessary to check on him. He would also liked to have known why Linderman was helping him now. Claude dared not look a gift horse in the mouth. He wasn’t sure how long he would have survived on his own on that bridge, as wounded as he’d been. When Linderman finished healing Claude, and let go of his hand, Claude had vanished again and begun walking away. His mind was spinning and he was still too shocked at events to even thank Linderman. Linderman took it in stride and drove off, headed for Las Vegas. Claude knew he had to go else where if he was going to survive beyond the bridge. He would have liked to have returned to England, but Claude didn’t dare go back there, nor to any of his known haunts on this side of the Pond. He wasn’t sure whether the Company had officially ruled him dead or if they were still watching him.

Eventually, Claude found himself in New York City.

                                                                    Present Day

After 7 years in hiding, mostly in Manhattan, Claude had taken pity on Peter Petrelli, a young empathy, a man very different from his father, Arthur. Just as training was progressing, Claude’s former partner had arrived, the same one who had tried to kill him 7 years ago, and tried to capture Claude and Peter. Claude was on the run again. This time Claude did go back to England.

In London, Claude met up with Abigail and Lee. The trio were staying in a house on Woodland Way not far from Woodland Close. Then Elle Bishop, now an ex Agent herself, had come looking for Claude, seeking his help. Claude had tried to help Elle, but she left after a fight with Abigail and Lee before she’d made any substantial progress.

Now the question was where Claude could go and not be found and not endanger other specials in the process. It seemed like a lifetime ago that he’d told Noah Bennet, “I will not hunt my own people.” And yet, there were a lot of specials, harmless folks, oblivious to the Company, who merely wanted training and to be left alone.

Another city, maybe a suburb, Claude mused as he snuck on board a plane bound for the US. Leaving this way, abruptly, was the only way Claude could be certain that Elle finding him wouldn’t lead the Company or others like it to Abigail and Lee.

Tags: claude rains, creative extrapolation, heroes

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