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Fic: Trust Issues

Author: Tarot aka bigbadwolfeboro (me)


Disclaimer: I do not own Heroes nor any of the canon characters.  This story is based mostly on a dream I had and a bit on a short conversation I had with a friend.  I am not making any money off this I’m merely speculating about what they haven’t told us based upon what they have.

Rating: PG 13 language and concepts

Characters: Claude Rains, several unnamed characters, mention of Ivon Spektor


Pairings: None

Spoilers: possibly Heroes season one and two and possibly more depending upon what the canon crew decide to reveal.


Warnings: Het but nothing overt or graphic


Summary:  This is my attempt to explain why Claude is the way he is (“People suck, friend, every last one of them. Never forget that.” ) and why Company shrinks labeled him as having “Chronic Avoidant Personality Disorder.”

Trust Issues

The girl had been beautiful. And Claude, he’d been shy and awkward, like most young men in his class. The girl had known what power she’d had over men, even at that young age and she wasn’t above using it to get what she wanted. She also didn’t care whom she hurt in the process. It wasn’t out of malice but out of a total lack of concern for anyone’s wellbeing other than her own.

When Claude had finally gotten the courage to ask her out, he’d been shocked when she’d said, “Yes.” Claude was in a state of euphoria until he went to the prearranged meeting place. She was there with another bloke and he was all over her. Claude was crushed.

Sometime later a class mate, a bloke Claude had thought of a s a friend had asked to borrow some money. Willingly, though not well off himself, Claude had seen no reason not to help out a mate and had loaned him what he needed. The next week, Claude was short of funds and asked the same classmate for a loan. The man had refused and worse yet denied that he borrowed anything form Claude the week before.

Time went on. Claude went through more events like this. Some of them happened to him, others he merely witnessed. In the middle of it all, he manifested. His one desire had been to be left alone. He got his wish as he faded from their sight.

Making himself vanish had been easy. Getting other objects to vanish with him had been harder. Now that he had an analytical problem to occupy his mind, Claude focused on that rather than think about the totally lack of trustworthiness and decency that he saw around him. Claude also became privy to the prevalence of fear and mistrust with which other specials were greeted. While they had different gifts from his own, they too were treated much as he had been, if not worse.

Despite all he had seen and lived through, Claude was a good man. So when he stumbled upon the Company, a branch under Ivon Spektor, Claude saw a way to attempt to do some good with his ability. The fact that they had promised some adventure and travel hadn’t hurt either.

In the beginning, it was hard work but it was as advertised, a secret organization that was out to help specials and protect everyone from dangerous ones. However, as with so many other things, Claude saw that there were overt and nasty things going on at the Company: incidents contrary to its original purpose…
Tags: claude rains, creative extrapolation, heroes

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