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Things I really don't understand

There's a lot puzzling me lately.  I'll start with the simple stuff.  I don't understand why it is that people talking with me online assume I'm British.  While I do have English heritage I was born on and live on the other side of the Pond.  When I tell folks that I'm an American, some stop talking to me.  I don't get it.  Am I suddenly uncool because I'm not a Brit?  I'm still the same person they were talking to before.   Also, I've found in real life that folks tend to trust me, a lot .  I'm a total stranger and they will let me hold their place in line, look after items, and even tell me secrets.  While I don't mind I still don't get why this is.

Another thing I don't get, and  I think I missed a meeting or something, as I've noticed a sudden upsurge in fic with one of Christopher Eccleston's Characters, whether it be Nine or Claude, being paired or partnered with Donna Noble or someone like her.  Even a young child dressed as the TARDIS informed me that she was transporting Nine and Donna.  Were Chris and Catherine in a movie or something and I missed it?  I'll be honest that when I saw "Runaway Bride" I didn't like Donna at all.  I wanted the Racknos to eat her.  Then, later when she became Ten's official companion in series 4, I really liked her.  But I still don't get this pairing an Eccleston character with a Tate character trend.

And then there's this other tendency in fic I don't get.  We see Claude steal ONE BEER from Peter back in Heroes season one's "The Fix."  It's just one beer, not a sixpack, not a bottle of Vodka, Cognac, burbon etc, ONE BEER.  Now a ton of folks write him written as a drunk or an alcoholic.  While I'm sure Claude probably can hold his alcohol, and the concept of him as a total drunk works well for parody, I somehow doubt he'd get quite so wasted constantly.  After all he did survive 7 years in hiding while being pursued by the Company.  He stole a pretzel too but no one does anything with that.  Claude also stole a scarf and a cellphone (mobile) and again nothing is done with that.  And yet Claude shakes hands with one character, gives another a warm look and suddenly there's boatloads of fic where he's sleeping with these characters!  So is the rule: "Well these two male characters are attractive and know each other so we'll slashfic ship them?"

And now to clear somethings up.

I'm not Anti-gay, Anti-Slash, homophobic, heterophobic or anyother lable you care to throw at me.  What I am is damaged.  What I am is a victim and survivor of some nasty stuff.  You want details?  Read some of my other recent entries.  It's not just certain slash I take great pains to avoid.  It's also some hetfic with certain activities going on in it.  In some respects, as it's het and not slash and therefore closer to what I went through, it's worse than the slash I try to avoid.  And as I pointed out in another entry, one of the causes I got involved with was "No on Proposition 8" which sadly was passed.  I hope, for sake of all those who were married and those who would like to be, that it can be overturned.  Why do lawmakers have to limit love?

Also, I'm a large woman with short hair and a bit of a clumsy tomboy.  But do us both a favor and don't think that any of those traits necessarily make me anything else.  If you want to know something ask and I may tell you quite a bit in answer.

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