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Epic 'Doctor Who' meme ...


1. When did you start watching?

Sometime in 1978

1a. Why?

My Nana thought I might like it and she was right.

2. What was your first episode?


3. Which episodes have you seen?

All of 4's some of 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8's movie, All of 9's, and all of 10 that the US have imported so far.

3a. Favourite?

4. Are your friends/family interested in the show?

My 13 year old niece is.

5. Which Doctor is your favourite?


6. Which Doctor is your least favourite?

Hard to say.  Six kinda annoys me at times but then so does One.

7. Which TV companion is your favourite?

Rose.  I was also fond of Leela and Romana II

8. Which TV companion is your least favourite?

Romana I

9. Do you listen to the Big Finish audios?

Just 8's stories thus far

9a. If so, which is your favourite?

9b. Also: which Big Finish companion is your favourite?
Haven't heard enough to say

10. Have you listened to any non-Big Finish audios?

11. Have you read any of the novels or short stories?
11a. Have you written any of the novels or short stories?
Does Fanfic count?

11b. Which is your favourite?
ALl 6 with Nine though "The Stealers of Dreams" was really good.

12. Have you read any of the comics?


13a. Which is your favourite?
Any with Nine.

14. Is there any particular episode/book/audio/comic you desperately want to watch/listen to/read?
I'd like to see : "The Next Doctor"


1. Do you write fanfic for Doctor Who?
Yes , though nothing major

1a. If so, post a snippet of a work-in-progress (or several)        

Christmas in Times Square      

The TARDIS had landed on Earth, December 24, 2005, right in the middle of New York, New York, USA.

“It’s Christmas!” Rose exclaimed with glee.

“Yup,” the Doctor replied, beaming. He pulled back from the controls, folding his arms across his chest and smiled broadly.

“Cool!” Jack shouted, never one to be left out of any fun.

The only member of the TARDIS crew, who didn’t seem excited, was Trace. Trace had “Gothed out” since their last trip. She had found several articles of clothing in the TARDIS wardrobe in her size and most of these were Goth in style. At the moment, Trace looked like a bizarre cross between Velma Dinkley and Abbey Sciouto, complete with pigtails and glasses.

“Let’s go find a party to crash!” Jack ventured with much enthusiasm.

“Ooh, that sounds like fun!” Rose concurred.

The Doctor just quietly smiled to himself, as he, Rose and Jack, prepared to leave the TARDIS. The smile faded as the Doctor realized their quartet was now a trio. He glanced over at Trace and called, “Trace aren’t you commin’?” His brow furrowed a bit. He hadn’t expected this.

“Nah, you three go on ahead. I have some reading to do. I do have that cell you gave me, so you can ring me if you need me,” Trace replied then left the control room for her own room on board the TARDIS.

Jack and Rose had already gone outside during the exchange. The Doctor shrugged to himself, put his hands in the pockets of his leather coat, and went out to talk to Rose and Jack. Halfway there, his face gained an almost pensive expression. The look in his piercing blue eyes was concerned. When he got outside, the Doctor turned to his other two companions and said, “Listen, I think I need to check on our newest crew member. You two, go find some fun. I’ll catch up later, OK?”

Rose looked a bit worried, but Jack was thrilled at the chance to go show Rose a good time, “C’mon, Rosie! Let’s you and me take a bite outta the Big Apple!”

Back on board the TARDIS, Trace was laying on her bed with a large stack of books. She’d found a veritable treasure trove in the TARDIS library, and her current selected stack contained works by Dickens, Poe, and Lovecraft, just to name a few. Trace was in the middle of one of Lovecraft’s works, when she heard a knock at her door. Carefully, she set the book down, and called out, “C’mon in!”

It was the Doctor at her door. Even if Trace hadn’t been empathic, she could tell by the look in his blue eyes and the expression on his face, that the Doctor was concerned. “You all right?” he asked her, not bothering to conceal his worry. What was the point? She’d probably sense it....

2. Do you make Dr/Rose icons?

2a. Let's see a sample!

3. Recommend a fanfic/icon/fanvid/fancomic/fancreation!

Time and Chips has some good stuff

4. Have you been to any Doctor Who conventions?
Just one.

5. Have you ever dressed up as a Doctor Who character?

6. Do you own any Doctor Who merchandise?

7. Are you a fan of RTD?
I have enjoyed both Doctor Who 2005 and The Second Coming both of which he wrote.

7a. Steven Moffat?
Really enjoyed "The Empty Child/ The Doctor Dances" but I wasn't too happy with "The Girl in the Fireplace."

7b. Paul Cornell?
Like his work too.  Didn't he write Dalek?

8. What say you to Season 6b?

9. The UNIT dating controversy?

10. The Blinovitch Limitation effect?
No clue what that is.

11. Multi-Doctor episodes?

12. What's your favourite Doctor Who technobabble?

13. Have you watched other TV shows exclusively because of the presence of Doctor Who actors?
Hell yes.

14. Have you met any of the actors?
Tom Baker, Colin Baker

14a. Traveled to any filming locations?

15. What do you think of The Curse of Fatal Death?

16. Do you have any fannish opinions that you think are fairly unpopular?
I can't real a good bit of certain subject matter in fic for personal reasons.

17. What's your favourite pairing?
Doctor/Rose for cannon

18. What pairing(s) won't you touch with a really long pole?
certain stuff I just can't deal with due to subject matter in any fandom..
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