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Aggrivated and just a bit hurt

I'm a bit annoyed that so many seem to feel the need to write Claude related slash...heck, lately, even stuff that is touted as General is now littered with blatant slash references.  I know people write/read what they like but could someone besides me please write a Claude fic that isn't slash?  You wanna know why I bothered posting all the smut I did?  It's mental floss for me.  I need it when I see all this other stuff getting posted.  And before any newcomers to this journal think I'm anti-gay or against all slash... I would just like to point out that that is not the issue here.  There are some things I really can't deal with due to what I suffered in my past.  If you're new enough that you have no clue and want one... read the entry titled " Exorcizing Personal Demons" That should about cover it.  It also doesn't help that just a bit too often I get mistaken for a guy.  And just for the record, I was one of those who tried to stop proposition 8 (even though I live in NH not CA) , albeit (and sadly) unsuccessfully.
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