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Episode 8 was everything I love about Heroes, everything interconnected and overlapping. I loved how the Meredith, Flint, and Thompson story dovetailed into Claire with the train. I rewatched the scene where Meredith was talking to Flint when she was putting the metal guy in Cell 9 and I know Flint said "An invisible man tackled me in the alley." Now Claude was MIA and presumed Dead at this point and according to his Company File, Claude is the only one they know of with invisibility, so if Claude did tackle Flint, it certainly wasn't to help the Company as he's shown time and again and it's documented in his profile that Claude has rejected them. It's also possible someone with telekinesis got Flint and it felt like someone tackling him. Also, other than Meredith, Thompson is not shown with a partner. Very strange.

I liked insight into the Petrelli clan, and Linderman. Linderman actually seems like a decent guy. I know Arthur has to have stolen that telepathic command trick from someone as his primary power is power absorption/stealing-permanent. I'm also curious why the Haitian (he so needs a name, and if I'm told it's Barn LeCroix I'll eat my hat!) is so loyal to Angela.

I can totally see how Elle felt sorry for Sylar and HRG is back as the loyal Company man we recall so well. I can also postulate that after that Assignment, Elle likely got both benched and disciplined (which accounts for ths character's absence until season 2) and also why she's so driven in both Seasons 2 and 3 to catch Sylar... she feels responsible for helping create him as a monster.

I'm wondering why Arthu
r just killed Utusu. Surely he could steal his power. I'm thinking it's a good thing Ando has no power as he would be a target also.
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