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I just had a nightmare

The last thing I did before going to bed this morning was to check the now infamous map. What I saw greatly disturbed me. There had been 3 markers indicating possible sightings of Claude. Now there is only one. It's in London, UK. That didn't bother me. What bothered me is the fact that it clearly states Claude is alive and is not only marked "official" but has a /current/ picture. Worse yet is another official marker near it, that of Sean Fallon of the Kill Squad. He's out to kill any Special he finds and was last known to be targeting Elle Bishop according to FOCL. I can't find Elle anywhere on the map.

Then there was the nightmare. It didn't last long but it was dark and raining and Claude was lying on pavement some where, I couldn't see where. I also sensed Fallon nearby. He was armed. Things got hazy after that. The switched between Fallon drawing his weapon on Claude and Fallon being interrupted by incoming communication on his high tech mobile phone. Then the dream changed and was in front of my computer, making myself a target. I failed 14 years ago, I refuse to fail now. There has to be /something/ I can do. If this is it, becoming a bigger target, then that is what I'll do..

*for anyone confused, this only makes sense if you're playing the Heroes ARG

Tags: arg, claude rains, elle bishop, heroes, me, rp
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