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Way too close for comfort


Well for the moment I’m OK, though I don’t care for what happened last night as I drove to work.  See, I left early for work as I wanted to go to the Barnes and Nobel nearby to where I work.  Well I was on a semi major road that connects up with an even more major high way.  As I drove out of my town into a neighboring one, I noticed this high end expensive sports car, a silver BMW convertible with the top down, tailgating me.  I decided to take the highway when I got stuck at a light.  Well the convertible stopped too, but not at the stop line.  He was in the lane to my left and about two feet short of the stop line.  I thought this was odd but figured that I was glad to be going right when the light changed as he was in the lane to stay straight.  Well, when I got to the section where the onramps for the highway were, it was a mess and the signs aren’t clear.  This area is well known to me and I managed to wind up on the northbound highway rather than the southbound I wanted.  So I navigated my way back almost home to where I knew I’d be able to pick up the southbound highway (no other turnoffs before that) and as I grab for my cell to call work and let them know I may be late, I notice THE SAME SILVER CONVERTIBLE TO MY LEFT ON THE EXIT RAMP!  Fortunately, he did not get back on the highway going south with me or my next call would have been to the police but this was just a bit too close for my liking.

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