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More fun with Paintshop Pro 9

Ok. Those of you who've seen "The End of the World" I'm sure remember the Doctor's conversation with Jabe reguarding his experiences with the Titanic ". . .I ended up clinging to an iceberg. It wasn't half cold." Well, when I dicovered a shot of an iceberg in my computer files that came with Windows XP, I knew I just had to do this. It looks much better aged than it did as a full color wallpaper.

That one was more something I thought would be amusing. The Ninth Doctor in a shot with Anubis warriors. Those of you who've seen the Doctor spotting skills of napalm_isis recall she managed to capture Nine in some scenes in The Mummy. This shot is from the sequel, THe Mummy Returns. Don't worry; I doubt the Anubis warriors will harm our intrepid time traveler. After all, that is the Ninth Doctor, and, as I've mentioned before, Anubis' number is 9 and he is linked to Time. LOL
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