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(Originally posted 14, July 2008)
I thought I ought to post about this over here in LJ as 90% of the other sites are mostly G rated and therefore really don’t get into these issues or really post much fic.  There are certain issues I just can’t deal with in fic and before anyone misreads me, I thought I ought to clarify what bothers me and why.



I’ll start with the less complicated one:  baby!fic where a female character gets pregnant through a plot device rather than loving, passionate, steamy, and smutty sex.  I’ve seen this in canon in more than one ‘verse, and I didn’t care for it there either.  I never really wanted my own kids and this would be a nightmare come true for me.  No passion, no fun, no love, no CHOICE, and all the responsibility.  No thanks.  Look at what happened in ST:TNG- Troi wasn’t given a choice as to whether she wanted to get pregnant; she was INVADED by an alien life form while trying to sleep.  Irregardless of the fact she later chose to keep and raise the resulting child, the fact remains that essentially Troi was VIOLATED.


Now here’s where it gets complicated: het!fic where there is abuse going on.  I happen to count teasing a partner and then leaving and having the man “pull out” and ejaculate on the girl as abuse.  I also count biting as abuse especially when done to sensitive bits.  I dunno where folks get their ideas from but that stuff hurts!  There was someone in my past who used to treat me horribly and I don’t care to see anyone else treated this way.  Pillow talk and play is one thing, but I don’t like fic that objectifies one partner or the other.  Also anal sex of any kind in het!fic is under the abuse category for similar reasons.


That brings me to a point a lot of others get upset over: slash!fic, particularly any slash!fic involving Claude Rains (as far as we know that’s his current last name).  There was a time when I couldn’t have cared less about slash!fic and what others wrote.  I used to find the concept of Kirk/Spock hilarious.  Think about it: Kirk’s so straight if he were a razor you could shave with him and Spock only wants it every 7 years- you really think Kirk is gonna wait that long even if he were so inclined?  Then I met that certain someone in my past and not all the damage he did has healed.  Some of it maybe never will.  I did give it a try.  I tried reading more than one Claude related slash!fic, and I really wish I hadn’t.  The first was fluffy and a bit out of character, but it still brought on flash backs.  Then there was what is really a Rape!fic  that I stumbled across where Future!Peter is raping Future!Claude but it was not correctly labeled.  That had an even worse effect on me.  Maybe it’s because I identify with Claude on some levels, maybe it’s due to the actions of my own “He-whom-I refuse-to-name” and for another thing, Claude has suffered too much in canon, but if folks wanna read/ write this stuff just do the rest of us a favor and please label it appropriately.  Granted, as I now make it a point to avoid anything labeled slash especially Claude related slash, not so much an issue for me but others will appreciate the candor.  And yes, if anyone is wondering, I didn’t care for a certain scene in Hancock either, even though it was two men and there was no actual sex or slash involved.



And just to clarify, also due to the actions of my own “He-whom-I refuse-to-name” I left sci-fi fandom for a while, almost permanently not to mention life in general.  This give you folks an idea how bad this guy was?


So if you write fic and it falls into any of these categories, I won’t be reading it.  It’s nothing against you, or any “anti-gay” or “anti-child” sentiment as some may be thinking it’s just my past that I can’t forget and it still hurts.

ETA: 1, November, 2008:  I'm adding "Threesomes" to this list as well, for personal reasons.  Again this stems from something bad that happened with one of my ex's.  You enjoy reading about them or writing them, enjoy.  I've found that I just can't read that stuff, especially when it's two girls and a guy.



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Jul. 15th, 2008 06:51 am (UTC)
I'm someone who's way guilty of writing bondage fic and whatnot, though I think I gave up on writing it a few years ago. I don't really do fanfic anymore unless it's RP fanfic. Some people enjoy anal sex (I don't intend on trying that for a while). Some people like to write it. Some people like to write hurt/comfort fics. Some people like to write slash.

I can read slash, but I don't like to RP it. One of the characters I actively RP is a character by the name of Chimou who has a very controlling, abusive personality. But he's fun to play -- and he only abuses one of my friend's characters since he plays a sub. But I do understand that not everyone is into that sort of thing (it's not like we RP that all the time, anyways).
Jul. 15th, 2008 01:20 pm (UTC)
Hey if you wanna read it or write it or RP it, go for it. I just won't be reading it. All I ask is folks label their stuff so I can avoid it. That and I wanted to explain why I wouldn't read it.
Jul. 15th, 2008 03:43 pm (UTC)
I really don't like reading rape!fics since they fill me with ire -- since no one really knows how to write them accurately. I find them incredibly offensive. Two of my close friends have been raped; it's not something you write about unless you're trying to cope with it. Fandom rape!fics bother me (like a lot of the stuff that goes through the mylarfic community, for example).

Loli/shota stuff is equally as disgusting.

And I don't like surprise!pregnancy fics or mpreg -- though I did play an mpreg character whose race was descended from seahorses, where the males are the ones who effectively get pregnant, so it worked (it was hilarious to play him all moody-like -- big, burly, reptilian-type guy -- just don't go anywhere near his stomach, or he'd break off your arm).

I've read a lot of really bad fanfic in my day, and plenty of it isn't labeled appropriately on fanfiction.net.
Jul. 15th, 2008 11:55 am (UTC)
We all have a right to choose what we read. The fact that there was non consensual sex in a fic, and it wasn't labeled, would bother me too. The sex would have nothing to do with it, it would be the prinicpal of the matter.

And one quick nit pick, and I'm not instigating, or being negitive, as its your opinion posted here. But some people...enjoy painful sex. Not sure why, or how. But some of the characters I RP as even do. Just because it seems right for their character.

Like...say Captain John Hart from Torchwood (aka James Marsters), he and Jack kiss, and beat the hell out of each other within a five minute span. He'd be the type. Good example.

And kid fics piss me off too. Though I'm finding myself more and more drawn to MPreg...mainly because my friend loves it, and I worship the slash gods. So unless I want a big elaborate plot accompanying the kid, its not going to happen.

I think thats it. I worked a midnight so I'm ranting. Feel free to disregard this if you see fit.

Oh, and hai! Haven't spoke to you in a bit. :)
Jul. 15th, 2008 01:19 pm (UTC)
I wasn't saying "Don't write or read it" just that I can't read it and why. By all means, if folks wanna write or read (or RP) what makes them happy, go for it, just know that there are some things I just cannot read and I ask that writers kindly label it properly.
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