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Doomed from 1st episode? (Stop ragging on Eccleston!)

It really bugs me when folks start ragging on Chris Eccleston because he only did one season. He was awesome! I do wish he could have stayed for more than one season. 10/ David Tennant is amusing but no where near as good. Russle T Davies has always mantained that Chris was only supposed to do one season and that the press leaked the news way too early. Chris himself says nothing on the matter, when asked directly, though his "people" mantain that the "type cast" line that the press bantered about was rubbish and totally untrue. Given some of the venom I've seen online and elsewhere, I don't blame him for keeping silent. It's no wonder we can't seem to get him for any conventions.
Between all this, several back ground articles, and coments from RTD, most notably in the book of series one scripts, it looks like 9 may have been doomed from the 1st episode. First, there was that whole "Bad Wolf" recurring theme, really noticeble from about episode 2 on. Then there was the fact that episode 7 laid the groundwork for episode 13, including props and sets. Then I noticed some disturbing things invoving screen caps and wallpaper art work:

Ok here's the explanation: 1st two shots are cut from screen caps from "Parting of the Ways". The 3rd is from the BBC site hologram wallpaper, the last is an initial shot of Chris in costume as 9 but he never wears this out fit on screen, just in still photos that they used in "Rose." Look at the jumper/shirt. We always see 9 in a v-neck, save for the stills. I find it odd that the BBC used a shot of him with the "turtle-neck" for their hologram wallpaper rather than the actual out fit he did wear. This discrepancy lead me to the conclusion that 9 was only supposed to last one season. He will still be my Doctor. I just wish we could get him back. I also wish people would stop with the animosity etc. I'm sick of it.
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