Tracey Loves Castiel (bigbadwolfeboro) wrote,
Tracey Loves Castiel

Why I Owe Christopher Eccleston Big Time

I’d gotten out of fandom for reasons I’ll go into elsewhere at a later time, but I was still tangentially interested in sci-fi.  By the time it happened, I was watching the Sci-Fi Chanel mostly for Ghost Hunters.  Then came March 2006 and they ran the 2005 season (Series One) of Doctor Who.  Christopher Eccleston as the Ninth Doctor had me hooked from “Run!”  The more I watched Christopher on Doctor Who the more I wanted to see his other projects that I hadn’t seen yet and re-watch those that I had.  I also started looking for pictures and videos on the internet of Christopher as Nine and eventually found my way onto Live Journal in August 2006 to lurk for a bit and I got my own account in October 2006.  As luck would have it, Christopher would intervene again.  I’d started watching Heroes when it premièred in September 2006.  The adverts alone had gotten my interest.  I’d watched every episode. Then in late November 2006, I’d gotten word that Christopher would be playing the invisible Claude on Heroes and we’d see him in January 2007.  That revelation led me to the 9th Wonders B Boards and from there to several other websites and to meet several cool people online.  I now have an LJ, a MySpace, a TV Guide Blog, a Blog on My NBC, a Facebook, an Imeem as well as a parody Blogger account and a network of friends. I’m now heavily involved in Heroes ARG/ Evolutions. I’m not just back in Fandom, I’m entrenched.  And I have the lovely Christopher Eccleston to thank for it.  So, Christopher, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, I hope you are well and I just wanna say “Thank You!!!”

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