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I'm featured in "Heroes: Behind the Eclipse!"


Hello all. I just wanted to post here and to my other blogs that I was featured in this article over at Comic Book Resources . They actually used my questions for part 1 of the Q&A! Excerpt below:

"Tarot wrote in to ask:

In Volume 2, we briefly saw Peter enjoying the darker side of his powers as he choked one of the Irish guys. Does this mean you're going to turn him evil? Say it ain't so! For that matter, what clues can you offer on the evolution of Peter’s character?

We all know that “With great power comes great responsibility.” “But we also know that “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” So basically Peter will find himself torn between these two platitudes. It’s Lord Acton vs Stan Lee in abattle for the ages. So stay tuned.

Tarot continued:

Several times in Volume 2, we saw that Bob has a whole bunch of files in his office filled with information on the Company founders and their children -- I remember seeing boxes for Angela, Bob, and Elle (even though Elle's had been emptied by Bob.) Are there more files on the Petrelli boys and Matt?


Will we ever see what's inside them?


Count Tarot Ultra-Curious, as he (or is it a she) finished with this query:

I want to know, even if I can't be told when to expect him, if Claude is still alive and safe. If that can't be answered, can you clue us in to how Claude survived being shot by Noah and whom he was hiding?

Claude is still alive. We cannot clue you into how he survived being shot. And if we told you who he was hiding, he wouldn’t exactly be hiding him or her anymore, would he?"

It's been so long since I'd sent that in, that all I recalled in detail was asking about Claude. I think I'd asked a lot of other stuff not just due to curiosity but in case NONE of my Claude-related querys were answerable. At least what little they did say regarding Claude confirms some of what I've seen in my cards. The rest, we'll see. And if anyone is still wondering I'm most definitely a SHE.

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