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Causes and Concerns


As my friend, Psych-Gen, is doing a smashing job covering some news stories (over on My Space), I thought I ought to cover a concern of my own, which although newsworthy, not everyone may be aware of it: access to healthcare.
Not everyone is fortunate enough to have insurance and even those that are have had instances where providers "turned them away" because either the insurance did not cover what was needed or the provider did not accept that insurance.  There is also an issue with prescription medications.  Insurance companies are choosing which meds they cover and how many they will allow a subscriber to obtain.  Often times there are no generics available and the meds are quite expensive even with the limited insurance coverage.  I know there are people who have to choose between meds and food or meds and other necessities.  Additionally, access to mental healthcare is limited.  It takes a lot for someone to admit they have a problem but the system as is, often blocks people from receiving necessary treatment.  While I do not support the actions taken by
Leeland Eisenberg, this is one example of how very wrong things can go when someone is prevented from receiving necessary treatment.  Fortunately, no one was hurt.  Unfortunately, Mr. Eisenberg will likely spend the rest of his life behind bars and I’m not sure if any of his former hostages now need psychiatric treatment themselves.  I also know of another case that did not make the news.  A young woman in her late twenties was depressed and suicidal.  She contacted a mental health group for help as she was aware that something was very wrong.  The group took down her personal information as well as the information that not only was she depressed and suicidal, but also that she had numerous feasible plans to kill herself.   However, when she told them who her insurance company was, they told her “Sorry, we can’t help you. We don’t accept that insurance.” No payment plan or alternate payment was offered, nor was emergency counseling or treatment offered.  They simply said “sorry” and hung up on her.  Fortunately, the young woman has survived and been treated by a different provider, but only after attempting suicide twice (also fortunately without debilitating damage).  Some are not as fortunate.  Some can’t even see that they are sick.  Others attempt suicide and wind up with severely debilitating injuries from the attempts, or wind up dying.  And some others hurt other people.  The system is broken.  We need to fix it. All of it!

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