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Cut out the judging and labeling


OK, for those who don't know me and are just joining in reading welcome.  For those who may be regular readers I think I need to make things a bit more clear.


I'm a Hospice/Geriatrics RN in real life.  I am also a Heroes fan.  While I know what I do is valuable, that doesn't stop it being stressful.  I play video games and do online RP as a respite. I also do some minor photoshoping and  I am also involved in the Heroes ARG.  In case it is unclear to anyone reading, I know where the fiction line is thank you very much, and I also think it highly unlikely I will be able to meet my favorite actor Christopher Eccleston who plays Claude on Heroes (among several other amazing performances) in person.  There is also a lot going on in real life that I don't always put online.  So before you judge or lable me think about this: would you want someone dumping on you?

5/27/08 ETA: This is not meant towards any of my friends but rather those who read any of my online journals and haven't taken the time to know me and just rushed to judge me.

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