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Follow up dreams

So on 2 May, I had a dream which picked up where my last dream had left off, though it was more a vision than a dream.


I saw Claude chained up as he'd been in my last dream/nightmare and just knew he was being accused of more than just hiding a special.  I sensed but could not clearly see this older woman and just knew whomever she was, she had set Claude up both in the dream's present and before.  My sight flashed back to the past Circa prior to the shooting on the bridge in Company Man (about 1999).  The woman was involved and had killed someone.  She was also aware Claude had hidden a special so this mystery wona betrayed Claude to save herself.  I still couldn't see her clearly, but I did see Thomson give Bennet orders to kill Claude and Claude hiding in Bennet's office the whole time.  Then my vision flashed back to the "present" but I woke up before I could attempt anything.



The next dream I had was on "Cinco de Mayo." Claude was with me in my apartment.  We were sitting in my bedroom talking and I was using a sharp knife to cut callouses off my heels.  I recall Claude cautioning me to be careful with the knife.  I don't recall what else we discussed.  I do remember chewing on some of the skin I'd cut off, not realizing what I was doing or why and when I'd become aware of it I spat it out.  I recall being worried what Claude would think, but it didn't bother him.  Then I woke up.

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