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Not having a good day


So I was working Friday PM (May 2) into Saturday AM (May 3) and I had a really bad shift.  Worse yet I got urine all over my scrubs, fortunately I did have a spare set.  I slept poorly when I got back to my folks' (I was dog sitting all week).  I got up early to pick things up before my folks came home with my brother from the airport.  They got in and I tried to get my roommate as I was going to need some help getting into my apartment with all my stuff.  All I got was voicemail.  I figured he was busy, but when I got into the parking lot, his car was gone.  I got into the building and his stuff is gone and he'd left a message on the machine saying he was going.  Then my computer went bad.  First I couldn't get online then I couldn't get it to boot. (I'm back at my parents', bless them).  I dunno how often I'll be able to be online, or when I'll get my own computer fixed, but there it is.  I really need a break.
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