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Latest Nightmare (Claude please read!!!)


So among the upsetting dreams I had today, once I fell asleep, was the following dream:

(Claude, I hope you are able to read this.)

I was inside Company headquarters and everyone seemed to be ignoring me.  I saw Claude, chained up with some kind of handcuff affair.  He was in a great deal of pain.  More than anything I wanted to set him free, but I needed to get him away from whomever was hurting him.  Felicia was near him as was some girl I'd never seen before.  Felicia was hurting Claude and it made me mad.  For some reason she and the other girl thought I was Company.  I was going to play it cool, but when I saw her hurting Claude, I went after her.  I knocked her and the other girl out but woke before I could get Claude free.  For some reason Claude couldn't vanish.  Also Angela and Bob were around somewhere nearby.

(ETA: I posted the exact text and message above originally on Imeem as we seem to be having characters from Heroes show up there as well as on the 9th Wonders Bboard.  Near as I can tell, for the ARG, that's the only way one can interact with characters and thus get messages to them.  Given the way my dreams tend to go and some of the occurrences in the ARG of late, I figured posting this was the best way to get the message to "Claude")

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