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Latest Dream

So this wasn’t a Heroes dream, not directly.  I was on the set for the new GI Joe movie watching Christopher Eccleston rehearse lines and practice his "Destro voice" and accent.  In reality he will be playing Destro but in this dream Destro had been injured hence his voice was a bit hoarse and electronically enhanced (think Red Scarlatch in Death and the Compass) and the injury was why he wears the mask.  I remember watching them hook the electronic microphones up to Chris and between them and the way he was speaking worrying that he was in pain and asked if it hurt.

"Nah. I’m OK," Chris replied in his normal voice, "It’s all part of the craft."  He flashed me an appreciative smile before climbing into this box that was some kind of life support for Destro.  I remember taking a good look at Chris before he disappeared into the box, and noticing he still had long hair and a beard.  Me and some other crew personel had to then wheel Chris elsewhere on set for his scene.  A friend of mine passed us on the way and was doing something silly, so I shooed him away and said it wasn’t time for that as work needed to be done.  We’d just arrived at our destination and I was helping hook up more electronic stuff when I woke up.

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