Tracey Loves Castiel (bigbadwolfeboro) wrote,
Tracey Loves Castiel

The only recurring dream...

As the linkage for dream submission seems to not be working, I can’t send "Mohinder" my only good recurring dream. It’s funny, I’ve had this dream since my 20’s, back when I was in college and it wasn’t until November 2006 that I realized who my mystery guest in it really was. You see, I often dreamed of being alone in whatever room I was sleeping in at the time, whether my Parents’ old house, My dorm room etc., but I would get an invisible most definitely male vistor. It’s only since August 2006 that he’s actually spoken. There is no mistaking that accent or that voice :D
It's Claude and as my LJ is not G rated I'll tell you that he's not stopping by for a chat!

ETA: 4/3/08 I was finally able to submit this one just before midnight. I'm wondering what if anything will be made of this.

Tags: claude rains, dreams, heroes, me, nsfw

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