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Latest dream...another nightmare

In my dream, I was in my apartment and there were these people I knew there, but I have yet to meet them in real life.  Claire and Monica were there among others I didn’t have time to look at.  I went into my bathroom to grab something and, when I went to leave, there was something there that I could not identify, something that should not have been there, and it was standing in my hallway.  It is hard to describe but it was red in color and stood on two legs.   It kept changing shape, but I knew it was dangerous.   When I first saw it it looked a lot like a Minotaur, then it was a giant cockroach but still stood on two legs, then it was blurry and became an armored fighter.  It was always two-legged and always 90-100% red in color.  As I said, I knew it was dangerous.  I wanted to warn everyone else, but I only had time to scream before it hit me, and I doubled over in pain, with the wind knocked out of me.  At that point all I could do was gasp “Help, me!” barely above a whisper.  The others were ignoring me, as they couldn’t pick anything up.  The only other word I managed to gasp out was “Claude.”  And he was there, invisible but tangible.  He crouched down and put an arm across my shoulders.

          “I’m here!” Claude said.  “What was it?”

          “I dunno.  It shouldn’t have been here. Help me.” I replied, still gasping.

          “I will,” Claude said to me, and then to the others, “You lot get over ‘ere!  Can’t you see she needs help?!?”


ETA (3/12/2008):  The format here is for dream submission.  I haven't met a lot of the actors who show up in my dreams as their TV (or movie) Characters.

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