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Why I love Chris (my hero)


          To be sure, I did find him gorgeous, even before I fell for him.  I found him attractive, charismatic.  He just has such presence on screen, whether it be a movie screen in a theater or a small screen of a TV.  Sadly, I have yet to see Christopher Eccleston on stage.

          The first piece I saw Chris in was Elizabeth, at the movie theater, as the Duke of Norfolk.  I never really saw the Duke as a villain, even then.  I saw him more as a man on the wrong side of history.  I’m sure Chris’ portrayal has a lot to do with that.  The next film I saw Chris in was The Others, which somehow I’d missed at the box office, but my dad had rented the DVD.  Granted Chris is only in it briefly but his performance as Charles is no less impacting.  I’d always thought they could have still told the story and had a bit more of him in the picture.  For those that have not seen this movie, I won’t spoil it save to say that Chris’ Charles is most definitely a World War II solider and clearly shell shocked.

          After that, I must admit, I lost track of Chris’ career until Sci-Fi Channel imported the 2005 series of Doctor Who in March 2006.  I’d been a fan of the old series since 1978, and Chris as the Doctor held my attention from “Run!” in “Rose.”  It wasn’t just the writing, or the effects, or the dialogue.  What really got my attention and held me riveted was the raw emotion, the way Chris can convey so much with just a look, or an action, or a subtle movement.  Until I saw Chris as the Ninth Doctor, I had been a diehard fan of the Fourth Doctor.  Chris’ Doctor quickly became my favorite and more.  I was sad to learn that by the time the US had begun to broadcast the 2005 series, Chris had already moved on.  I did preorder the boxed set once Amazon had it available, and wound up getting a copy of The Second Coming at the same time, which I thoroughly enjoyed.  Some time later, I rented Jude and I found my way to numerous Chris related websites both on LJ and elsewhere.

          I’ve never had the honor of meeting Chris, and I don’t know if I ever will.  At the time of this missive, I have acquired numerous DVD’s of Chris’ work, seen The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising 9 times in the theater, done numerous Chris-related graphics projects, and am eagerly awaiting the release of New Orleans Mon Amour as well as hoping for the return of Chris to Heroes as Claude.  The invisible man will always have a special place in my heart, even despite the fact that Claude would likely storm away from me or scoff.  So until my luck changes, I’ll just continue to admire this amazing man and fantastic actor from afar.

          There’s a lot I don’t know about him, and yet what little I do know, I find quite appealing.  I know he has been involved with Charity work, most notably Red Cross and Mencap.  I know he does not seek out publicity.  If anything, from what I’ve seen, unless he’s doing something work related, or cause related, he tends to stay out of the spotlight.  All very admirable traits.  I know he follows futbol and has been known to play, and I know he runs marathons.  I wonder if he’d mind me cheering from the sidelines.

          When I’m having a bad or tedious night at work, I have a few pictures of Chris that I keep on my desk and I will glance over at them and I can’t help but smile.  As I said, maybe we’ll never meet, maybe I’ll never be able to see Chris on stage, but I am glad of what access I do have to his work.  Everyone needs a hero to look up to; Chris is mine.

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