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Icon swapping and Arisia

OK.  First the easy stuff:

I'm swapping these Icons:


(by jessiesgarden)

For these two:
(both mine)

As for Arisia:

I had a great time.  I wound up commuting this year, as I just couldn't justify the hotel expense or aggriavtion I had last year.  I'm still not too fond of the hotel we are using but I give major kudos to the Arisia Team for their use of the space we had.  Most of the con, for those who did not attend or know of it, was on the first 3 floors of the hotel, and easily accessable by stairs.  There were plenty of good panels and actvities.  We didn't have a Dealers Room this year, just a Dealer's Floor, which had both good and bad points.  Bad points: less dealers.  Good points: eaisier to get to, no time limit as in a Dealers Room (which usually closes at 5-6pm), and plent of ad banners to decorate the halls so folks can find what they want.  It was a 4 day con this year, but after the first 3 days I was exausted.  There was one LJ panel I had wanted to attend today, monday Jan 21, 2008, but I couldn't justify driving back down and parking for just one panel (especially when I can get my info and opinions out online), and I had done all of my shopping the other 3 days.  But it was nice that we had the option, even if I didn't use the last day.
I had spent the first two days dressed as Claude, but I reckon I did too good a job of it as no one really noticed:

Let me tell you, that beard is not comfortable!  (My face broke out from the spirit gum I used to stick it down)  And that coat with the sweatshirt under is very hot, which is great if you go outside but not so great in a warm hotel.  And to any Arisia goers seeing this pic: that is not a Jedi.  If you don't know Claude, then rent Heroes Season 1, most video rental places have the DVD's, or borrow a friend's copy.  Also, support the writers so we can get them and this AWESOME series back.



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Jan. 22nd, 2008 02:47 pm (UTC)
the problem is i think that your costume was too good.
i suspect most people just thought you were in mundanes and cross dressing or transitioning....
the fact that cons are where a lot of people do just that didn't help....

as to me, i havent seen Heroes as i dont have a TV but will try to rent a DVD and get a look see.
Jan. 23rd, 2008 05:15 am (UTC)
I figured the Heroes panellists might have taken note or at least the attendees of those panels. What they did notice was my T-shirt that I wore Sunday. Ah well. I have a different plan for next year.
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