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Character Name:Claude Rains
Character Age:42
Relevance to Storyline: (Attachments to people, jobs.. etc.)  Invisible man.  Once worked for Primatech but was shot by his partner Noah Bennet for hiding a special.  He had been involved with Meredith Gordon only to find out she had also been seeing Nathan Petrelli, but Claire turned out to Claude's daughter, not Nathan's
Character Ability:Invisibility
Character History:PB: Christopher Eccleston
Sample/Background Post (250 words or more, please):

On the outside, to the casual observer, anyway, it might look like Claude enjoyed his gift. To a certain extent he did. It did give him an advantage over nearly everyone. However, a lot of things that he found out, he was severely tempted to have the Haitian erase, if he thought he could trust the boy (at least he'd been a boy when Claude was still with the Company). But erasing unpleasant things would not make them go away or any better. A polished turd was still a turd. Meredith's betrayal followed by that of Noah Bennet had hurt greatly, but between the fact she was an innocent child and his child at that, Claude was determined to look out for and protect Claire as best he could. Goodness knew her birth mother couldn't be relied upon for that. She was still in hiding. And Noah, Noah had shot Claude and tried to kill him. He'd nearly succeeded too. Claude did not feel Claire would be safe with such a man indefinitely, so he made it a point to check in on Claire, to be sure. Because everyone assumed he was dead, and because he could go invisible, Claude could make his visits with ease. He’d known Claire was special, after all she was his, his and Meredith’s, though Claude would still avoid her mother like the plague even if he didn’t have to play dead. He wasn’t angry with Nathan. He hadn’t known. Claude was almost as mad at himself as he was at Meredith for being taken in. He’d fallen for her lines and charms. He’d actually believed she cared about him. Then there was Noah, his bloody best friend. Claude had thought that he knew Noah, apparently not well enough. Beyond his interest in Claire, Claude was determined never to be taken in again.

PB: (actor/actress/singer/model/face being used to represent the character):Christopher Eccleston

RL LJ should it be needed:

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