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Reaction Post for Heroes: “Powerless”

Peter- I’m glad Nathan got through to him.  Granted, Adam did make good on his promise to heal Nathan, but last season Peter trusted Hiro enough to kill him if need be and here it looked very much like Peter was trying to kill Hiro before Matt and Nathan showed up.  I must say, even though I didn’t like it, the fight with Hiro was longer than I expected and at least interesting to watch.  At last a practical use for the late Ted’s power was revealed as Peter “nuked” the virus.  Where he has Adam and Claire’s power, does that mean his blood can heal too?  And what will happen to Caitlin now that the future she was in no longer exists?

Adam- I’m a bit disappointed in him.  I’d hoped he had mellowed after being cooped up 30 years, but it was as I had feared after reading Graphic Novels 60 and 61: he has a god complex.  I’m not sure is Hiro’s solution will help or hurt that as he trapped Adam but did not kill him, which means he can return, theoretically.

Hiro- I like that he is trying to be a hero but I still wish he had left Japan before Yaeko fell for him and he kissed her.  I have to wonder why he didn’t behead Adam.  Granted the live burial reminds me of “A Cask of Amontillado,” but, given that Adam can heal from anything but a headshot, again I still wonder, if Hiro’s solution hasn’t hurt rather than helped as opposed to an outright beheading.

Nathan- I like that he was using his power and that he wanted to reveal the existence of specials to the world.  I liked both his speech to Peter and the one he was interrupted while making.  I was afraid something was going to happen when I saw the hidden camera in the vault, but wasn’t sure exactly what would happen once Matt had done his bit to help, but I was hoping, even with a few online spoilers I had read, that it wouldn’t be what we saw.  A friend of mine thinks it’s HRG who shot Nathan.  I’m hoping they can get him some of Claire’s blood, or that Peter’s can save him.  After all, it worked to save HRG.  And the MSNBC mike was a nice touch.

Matt- Nice to see him trying to help with his powers.   It looked like he was trying to mentally “talk” to Peter rather than just pushing him.  I still hope he doesn’t become another Maury.  I liked his line when he sees Hiro “Who’s this guy supposed to be?”  I also like his speech about “How much longer are we going to have to clean up their mess?” in reference to problems caused by the 12’s actions. I would like to know what else the 12 did and what everyone’s powers were and what can be done about all of it, if a full reveal is not the answer.

Angela- I really don’t like her.  Where she merely annoyed me in season 1 (I had liked her when she first appeared) now I wish Maury had finished her off, except for the information she gave.  I don’t like that she is so willing to sacrifice her sons or how cold she gets.  It seems like when I think she can’t possibly be any colder she some how does just that.  What does she mean by “You do know that you’ve now opened Pandora’s Box?”  If not for her “It was unavoidable” comment, I would have thought she meant she was going to revenge Nathan.

Claire- She’s brave, but I don’t know if her going public would have helped or hurt.  I’m glad she did get to see HRG, her dad again.  The look on her face was priceless when HRG returned.  I wonder what she will do now that she isn’t going for a reveal.  I also wonder how she will react to Nathan’s shooting.

West- I like that he tried to talk to Claire, and he seems like he does care, but I still have to wonder what else he’s up to.  And where and who are his parents?  I did like the Graphic novel flashback tie in, even if his parents aren’t shown.

HRG- It’s interesting that He left records of his Company doings at home.  I like his honesty with Elle.  It’s noble that he gives up his life to save his family, but I have to wonder why the Company wants him so badly.  What “deal” did he cut with the Company? And did he shoot Nathan?  A friend of mine thinks he was the “Unknown Assassin.”

Bob- Needs to die soon.  He takes no responsibility for anything.  I hate what he did to Elle and what he repeatedly does to her presently.  I also want to know why he and the others even kept Strain 138 of the Shanti Virus.

Elle- I no longer hate her and I do feel a bit sorry for her.  I still don’t like that clingy thing she did with both Mohinder and Peter but, after watching how Bob treats her and hearing some of what HRG knew, all I see now is a little girl desperate for her daddy’s approval.  I’m glad she fought Sylar and saved Mohinder, Molly, and Maya.  I hope she breaks free of this need for Bob’s approval.  She has the potential to be so much better.

Sylar- As much as he scares me, and even as manipulative as he is, I still can’t hate him, and I don’t know why.  Now he is back and as dangerous and twisted as ever.  Why did the Company go to such great lengths to save him?  Even in season 1 they would not authorize HRG and his team to kill him.  Why did they not do more to ensure that he was not going to escape? And how many more villains will we see given that Volume 3 is called “Villains?”

Mohinder- I have to wonder if he will now see the Company for what it is.  Surely between the fact he was under surveillance and the fact that Sylar had the Company modified Shanti Virus should show him that they cannot be trusted.  And whom did he hire as a babysitter?  He needs to fire that babysitter and hire a new one!

Molly- I like her willingness to help others and how she embraces her gift.  She even tried to help Maya who had come with Sylar.

Maya- I’m glad she finally realized what Sylar was.  It was ironic that she fell exactly where Isaac had been, when Sylar shot her.  I wonder what if anything she will do with her gift.  I shudder to think what the Company or Sylar would do with it.

Niki- She died a Hero, but I don’t think that even Claire’s blood can save her.  I liked her and will miss her.  It was nice to see her take out the arsonist/kidnapper even if she didn’t have her power.  It seemed she was finally getting her life on track and was supposed to get a cure from Mohinder, but how could she have survived not only the fire but the explosion as well?

Micah- He’s amazing with his gift.  I hope he continues to embrace it and tries to do good with it. Now he has lost both parents and I have to wonder how it will affect him.

Monica- I wish she could have escaped the thugs on her own.  I don’t blame her for being scared.  I wonder if she will continue to embrace her gift after this incident.  I hope she will embrace it but with caution.

Claude- Still MIA and still very much missed.  I have to wonder if he wouldn’t say to Adam what he’d said to Peter “Well, I’m not very much of a people person but I’m certainly not going to let you kill them all.”  All I could think of was that quote of his while regarding the Shanti Virus Strain 138.




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Dec. 4th, 2007 07:34 pm (UTC)
I'm at work while I type this up, so I will *try* to keep is short. Well, short for me anyway...

Peter: I'm so glad he gave Hiro the much needed ass kicking that he needed. I thoroughly enjoyed watching that. I've wondered if Peter is more or less immortal, like Adam and Claire, since he has that regenerative power. I wonder if the writers will ever answer that.

Adam: I *love* Adam. By far my favorite character on Heroes. He's definitely not gone forever, and *will* return in Volume/Season 3. Since David Anders has already said he will be back and that his character isn't dead. Now, I just hope that once he is freed, he hunts down Hiro and kills him. Or at least inacts some sort of revenge.

Hiro: He's done nothing but completely annoy me this entire season, as I'm sure you can tell. I know Adam was demented in the present, but I think a lot of that had to do with what Hiro did to him 400 years ago. Hiro taught him how to be a hero, then he just betrayed Adam. Then he goes and buries Adam alive. That is a horribly sadistic thing to do to anyone. I hope that will eat away at his conscience; because if it doesn't, he is on his way to becoming that cold-blooded murderer Hiro we say in the furture.

Nathan: I guess I would like for him to stay dead, instead of being brought back to life like HRG and Maya have already been. That could maybe make Peter turn to revenge and possibly team up with Adam again? Because I did *love* seeing them interact.

Matt: Another character I don't really care about. The way he orders people around now, like his father, is making me like him even less.

Angela: I don't know what to think about her. I want to know who she was talking on the phone with. Noah? Bob?

Claire: I loved her last season, but the writers really killed her this season. She's been nothing but a bunch of teenage angst and drama. If I wanted that I would watch something like Gossip Girl...

HRG: I'm thinking he was probably the shooter too. He will do anything in the world to protect Claire.

Elle: I don't hate her, but I still don't like her. I'm glad Sylar got away from her. I thought, by the spoilers I read, that she would kill him.

Sylar: All I can say is YAY! I am so happy he has his powers back! That scene with him injecting himself with Claire's blood was so chilling. What a *great* way to start off Volume 3! Now we just have to wait nearly a year to see it ...

Mohinder: He was pretty brave in this episode. Actually pulling a knife on Sylar like that, once he found out he was powerless of course. That scene was one of my favorites.

Maya: Even though I like her character (i know, one of the *very* few that do), I thought it was awesome how Sylar just shot her without even thinking about it. Glad she was brought back though.

Niki: I won't lie. I'm glad she's gone. I like Ali Larter, but I hated her character.

Monica: I wish she would have been killed off. This character is just completely useless. Same with Micah... though I don't want him killed.

Hmm ... guess that wasn't very short at all. Sorry for making you read all that...

edited for massive amount of spelling and grammar misstakes.

Edited at 2007-12-04 07:41 pm (UTC)
Dec. 5th, 2007 02:26 am (UTC)
's ok it wasn't short. Thanks for commenting :)
Dec. 6th, 2007 08:46 am (UTC)
I`m wondering about virus. if Niki Has received a virus, that if Claude too has been infected? How experiment.Or He has been infected before was shooted, how preventive maintenance on the future that if he would betray the company and should be dead, but the partner would not kill him, the virus would do it?
Dec. 6th, 2007 03:02 pm (UTC)
If Claude had been infected before Noah shot him he would not have survived long enough for Peter to meet him or had any power once he was infected. He would not be able to vanish at all, as he vanished when he hurriedly left Peter's flat in "Unexpected." Niki injected herself with a modified strain of the virus to stop herself, but later died rescuing Monica before Mohinder could give her the cure. The Company would have to find Claude to infect him and the only reason they found him at all after he went into hiding was because Claude was with Peter and Isaac had been trying to find Peter. Look what happened to Sylar: he had no power and he had the virus until the end of this episode, "Powerless". I think Claude is in deep hiding and not infected, otherwise he would be visible and easily found.
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