Rick Sanchez C154 (bigbadwolfeboro) wrote,
Rick Sanchez C154

Batch 2 of icons for i_character

OK.  Here is batch 2 of 5 for i_character.  These 21 icons are all Claude icons and they are all from "The Fix."  I've separated them by screen cap source:

Using a cap from from Heroes-pictures.com:

These are all from caps I did myself:

For these I used caps from Smug mug:

For this I used a cap at Sparklies Gallery:

And thes all were made from caps at Stripedwall:

If you like, please comment.  No hotlinking!  If you snag please credit.  As it is, I just found out someone on a Russian forum has snagged one of my other icons (not from this series) and is trying to claim it as theirs.  I don't mind usage, and I don't need payment, but if you use these at least list "Made by bigbadwolfeboro" or "Made by Tarot" somewhere even if only in the description/notes.

Tags: christopher eccleston, claude rains, heroes, icons
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