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Peter- It’s noble that he wants to save the world and that he hasn’t abandoned Caitlin, but he’s just blindly following Adam.  It’s very in character for him to tell Victoria exactly why he’s come to see her.  Last season Peter trusted Hiro enough to kill him to prevent him exploding.  Now it seems he’s willing to fight Hiro to protect Adam.  Granted, he did try to talk to Hiro but a fight looks inevitable.  It looks like he did time travel to 2007 again at the start of the episode.  What keeps pulling him back to the present and why is it always about the same point on the same day of 2008?

Adam- After the graphic novel, I have to wonder if he hasn’t gone insane after 400 years, or could it be that he seeks the mutated strain of the virus so he can finally die?  Granted he’s getting revenge on the Company founders, but this may just be him putting his affairs in order.  The only other likely scenario is that he’s gone insane and thinks he’s a god.  I know his original plan was to release the virus much like Linderman and his plan with the bomb.  I wonder who was aiding him back in 1977.   Was it Linderman? I also have to wonder at how he and Peter just walked into Primatech in Texas.  As I recall, Matt and Audrey had a much harder time even with the FBI force.

Victoria Pratt- I have to wonder if she had a power.  There wasn’t as much of her as I’d hoped to see in this episode.  At least it’s now revealed she was a biological engineer.  It’s also revealed she went against the Company and refused to do further research.  I have to wonder why the Company didn’t pursue her and exactly what role Angela had in helping Victoria get to Maine.  I wonder if she was really going to shoot Peter in the head and how she knew that it would kill someone with Adam’s gift.


Sandra- I like that she pulled the gun that Noah had left on Bob, though I doubted she’d shoot actually Bob unless he went for Claire. It’s interesting that she let Claire scatter HRG’s ashes.  I think she’s stronger than she lets on.  How will she react to the news that Noah isn’t really dead?

Claire- I’m wondering exactly how those wind chimes work. I’m also wondering where the Haitian went. If Claire winds up as long lived as Adam, I worry about what might happen to her.  I like that she got to scatter HRG’s ashes (even if they weren’t really him).  I like that she didn’t run from Elle but confronted her.  The punching the car window was a nice touch.  I’m wondering if she will repeat what she said in her eulogy to HRG when he returns next episode. 

West- I like him talking Claire out of calling the Haitian and it looks like he honestly cares for Claire but I just can’t shake the feeling that he has some hidden agenda of his own.  I’m also curious about his speech to Claire and where his parents are.  Did he lose his dad?

Bob- I’m hating him more and more each episode.  I saw the blatant manipulation he did with Elle.  He talks of responsibility and trust.  He takes no responsibility and I haven’t trusted him since I first saw him.  I doubt he’ll do as Mohinder asked.  I get the impression he’ll only keep Mohinder around as long as he has to.

Elle- I still don’t like her but I do feel sorry for her because of what Bob pulled on her this episode.  I wonder if this is how her whole child hood etc has been.  I wonder what she will do now that Claire has confronted her.  It would be nice if she turned her back on Bob the Company and joined Claire.

HRG- I’m glad he’s not dead though I find it ironic that he was shot by Mohinder, his would-be partner.  I have to wonder why the late Ivan was so keen to get him back in the Company and also if anyone besides Suresh knows that he’s not dead.  I doubt Suresh could have moved him alone or that he could get access to Claire’s blood without at least Bob’s approval. I’m also wondering about the deal he speaks of in the preview.

Mohinder- I’m getting annoyed with him.  He’s such a sheep, a brainwashed sheep.  Saving Niki is noble but the rest is being a zombie slave. Maybe Sylar’s visit will wake him up.  I am glad however that he found a cure for the virus.  Now if he could find a cure for Strain 138 would be great, but right now I’m aggravated with him.

Micah- I like that he embraces his power and wants to be a hero.  He makes a good team with Monica though I wish there had been a safe way for him to warn her about the return of the thugs.

Monica- I like that she has embraced her gift but I don’t like the fact that the thugs got her.  I’m still worried about what else Bob may have put on her i-pod.  It very much looks like she will become the “St. Joan” predicted by Isaac’s comic book, but right now things don’t look good.

Nana- I’m glad that she stepped in and told Damon he had to talk to the police.  Damon is being a jerk and I’m amazed he hasn’t learned to respect his cousin, especially after Micah got him pay per view.  I hope Nana keeps a tight reign on him.

Niki- I like that she was honest with Micah about the virus and the other personalities.  I’m not so happy about the fact that she’s afraid to do some thing positive with her power.  I wonder if the virus has nullified it.  Granted DL died rescuing her but he made a great firefighter and even saved a life without endangering himself there.  I have to wonder if the Company didn’t brain wash her like they did Mohinder.

Maya- While it’s a good thing she can control her power now, I wonder how much longer Sylar will keep her around.  I know she’s fallen for him, which explains her inability to see Sylar for what he is and that he is using her.

Sylar- Looks like his intuitive aptitude still works either that or he has a psychology degree.  It’s interesting that he tells the truth to Maya about his mother’s murder.  He has done a lot of horrible things but I don’t think he meant to kill his mother last season.  I do think that was accidental.  I know he’s using Maya but I have to wonder if he’s developing feelings for her.  How will he explain to Maya that it’s Dr. Mohinder Suresh he’s brought her to see and not Dr. Chandra Suresh?

Alejandro- It very much looks like he’s dead, unless he’s yet another special who can heal himself.  He saw through Sylar but not far enough.  I don’t think he hated his sister but may have been angry with her for killing his wife.  I wonder if Maya had told her brother about the fact that she had caught his wife was cheating on him with her ex boyfriend.

Hiro- I like him taking initiative but I wish he’d get more facts before he acts, like why his father didn’t order Strain 138 destroyed.  I know he wants to avenge his father’s death but I don’t think attacking Peter will help matters.


Kaito- I had wondered how they would show him in the past, given that it wasn’t a flashback.  I’m wondering why he didn’t just destroy that strain of the virus.  There were other not so dangerous strains, so why keep something that dangerous and incurable around.

Ando- I like that he’s back with Hiro.  They make a great team.  “Why is saving the world always your responsibility?”  was a great line.  Last season it was “I wish destiny would lose our number.”  I like that he’s cautioning Hiro as well as working with him.

Claude- I’m wondering if he knew about the virus.  I know he knew about the Company doing less than ethical experiments on specials (heroes); he’d said as much to HRG before HRG shot him.  Did those experiments involve the virus or was all that as shut down as Bob claims it was?  In any event, I miss him and wish he’d return and I also prefer that he not get the virus.  Maybe he could wake a few people up.  I have to wonder how he’d react to what happened to HRG.



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Nov. 27th, 2007 07:16 pm (UTC)
Great review. You bring up a lot of good points. My gripe was that Matt could barely pry the information out of Angela in regards to Victoria Pratt's whereabouts, but Adam, who probably doesn't have the connections since he was imprisoned 30 years ago, found her in a relatively short time.

As someone else pointed out, why doesn't Peter just read Adam's mind to find out the truth.

Another thing is how was the company going to change the world? That was hinted to back in the first season. We never really found their motivation other than tracking heroes and developing the virus. Between Bob, Linderman and Adam, they could end poverty, hunger and sickness.

I loved Sandra. She has gotten a lot better characterization this season.

With Maya, if she can control her powers, what purpose did her brother actually serve? I'm thinking now that she may be a repository for disease, that she can absorb sickness and redirect in this other form. It would be interesting if she never got sick as a child.

Nov. 28th, 2007 02:46 am (UTC)
Intersting points but I wonder how long we will have to wait to get confirmation one way or another. The only idea I have for how Adam found Victoria so fast is maybe Peter picked up Molly's talent at the end of last year.
Nov. 28th, 2007 05:54 am (UTC)
Which brings up another valid point. Why didn't Matt have Molly search for Victoria? Oh well. Maybe we analyze too much.
Nov. 28th, 2007 12:53 pm (UTC)
Nah. I can actually answer that. Matt still felt guilty over Maury trapping Molly, that's why he didn't have Molly look. She volunteered and Matt declined.
Nov. 28th, 2007 12:53 am (UTC)
All I have to say, is that I'm done with Heroes. Great review, as always, but after the spoilers I read, I'm done.
Nov. 28th, 2007 02:43 am (UTC)
Sorry to hear you won't be into Heroes any more but I'm curious was it spoilers here or else where? Most of what's here was "Truth and Consequences" and and GN 61. The rest was either from the trailer at the end of the ep or conjecture based on what I saw.
Nov. 28th, 2007 02:58 am (UTC)
Nope, it was on another site. I'm sorry if I came off as being mad at you, I was just caught up in the fury. I've calmed down though, and will be back. I read that a certain character was going to be killed off, but I've come to find out that that isn't completely true. Something horrible will still happen to that character, but they'll be back. I read an interview where the person themself said they will be back for Volume 3.
Nov. 28th, 2007 03:02 am (UTC)
I read some spoilers elsewhere (not listed here)but nothing like that and they were all unconfirmed.
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