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Reaction Post for Heroes: “Cautionary Tales”

Elle- I still don’t like her and I don’t feel sorry for her.  What was done to her was awful but that does not give her or anyone else the right to be so sadistic.  Others have suffered as much if not worse than she has and aren’t tormenting others with their gifts.  Now if they would show Elle honestly worried about someone other than herself or doing something decent and not treating everyone like objects, maybe I’d feel sorry for her.  Right now she reminds me far too much of someone I despise in reality, though fortunately he can’t throw electricity.  I will say this, although I don’t like this character, I’ve recently seen Kristen Bell OOC and this is a credit to her abilities as an actress.


Bob Bishop- I know his last name and that he’s Elle’s dad…and I’m really starting to hate him.  What he did to Elle, his own daughter, is inexcusable and I hope Adam gets him.  I knew there was a reason I didn’t trust him.  I’ll bet he put subliminal crap in that i-pod he gave Monica too.

Claire- I like that she wants to help, even as nasty as she believes the Company to be and as nasty as Bob and Co. have been to her.  I feel badly that she believes her dad is dead and that her last words to him were “I hate you.”  I so hope that they are reunited, soon!

Noah (HRG) - Sandra actually used his first name!  I like that he finally showed Sandra the painting and came clean with her about West.  He should have done so sooner.  It’s ironic how it’s Claire’s blood that brought him back.  While I’m glad he’s not dead, I have to wonder what diabolical plans the Company has in store for him. (and where did those ashes come from?)

Mohinder- While I accept the fact that he’s supposed to be one more at home in a lab or a classroom, I’m starting to lose a lot of respect for him.  I almost wish HRG had shot him.

Matt- It’s nice that he’s advancing his powers and trying to do good with them, but he’s skating a thin line.  I really hope Matt doesn’t become another Maury.

Molly- She’s cute and I’m glad she’s sleeping well and nightmare free (wish I could).  She used to creep me out a bit, and now that “nightmare man” isn’t plaguing her, I have to wonder if that wasn’t due to him as well.

Hiro- I really enjoyed the interaction between him and Kaito.  I wish they’d shown us what Kaito’s power was.  I do like that Hiro got to say goodbye and didn’t fracture time in the process.  I also like that he did stay around to find out who killed Kaito.

Adam- Now it’s confirmed that he killed Kaito but we don’t know why.  Was it revenge on Hiro, or was it revenge on the 12 for imprisoning him for 30 years, or was it both?  Is he as bad as Bob said or does he still have good in him?
Interesting back-story in the Graphic Novel.

Angela- I like that she finally shed light on matters but Matt had to push her to do so.  I still want to know what her power is and how she can fight Matt.  What she has suspiciously looks like manipulation.

West Rosen- I like how he tried to help both Claire and HRG but I still don’t trust him.  And where are his parents?  Why haven’t we seen them?  At least we have his last name now.

Subtitles- I don’t mind them but I do wish that the 2 screen would not ask questions while they are on.  I can’t read both!

Claude- Wherever you’ve gone I miss you and wish you well.


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